Chapter 7

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Felicity acknowledged his request. She knew it was coming. She made sure everyone was inside and that the door was barricaded again. She rummaged through her many drawers; most of which were filled with ingredients for potions.

Liam watched as she grabbed a large assortment of plants and seeds he had never seen before. Her hands were full in a matter of moments. She ran back into her little kitchen and with a nod, she used some of her magic to start the stove and make a pot float onto one of the burners. "Liam, for now, I need you to place your hand onto the box and memorize the sword. This will not only train you how to use your gauntlet, it will also prepare your mind to take the sword when the protective barrier fades." Felicity put the rest of her concentration on the potion while Link followed her instructions.

He placed his hand and just stared. He somehow knew to also close his eyes. It was as if he already knew what the sword looked like. Not only did he have a perfect mental image of the blade of evil's bane but it's sheath as well. With every new experience, he was finding that a part of him knew; knew what to expect and what to do.

"This should work but I can't guarantee." Felicity broke Liam's concentration and continued on. "I originally wanted you to ask Chrystal for help but we have no time." She began mixing herbs in the now hot pot. She began stirring while still focusing on the trouble that was quickly coming.

"Mam. Sorry to interrupt, but what is it that came out of the forest? Maybe knowing a little bit about the monster can help?"

Felicity let out a long sigh "You're right. I'm sorry. I just thought that because you weren't the real Hero, that you would need the Master Sword to stand a little bit of a chance." She began pouring the mixture into a tiny vial.

"You may be right about me not being the Hero you once believed in but I am in a way a vessel for his soul. And if you knew my mother then you would also know that I am pretty smart and can get by on my own."

Knowing that he was once again right, Felicity let out a little laugh. "Your mother sure raised you well. Now, all we need to do is get this sword out and get you back out into the streets." She walked over to the box while keeping a smile. "Just concentrate again. I just ask that you do not move no matter what you feel."

"Wait, wh..."

"Shh.." She hushed Liam as she placed one hand over his eyes to get him to concentrate like she told him too. Once he was quiet and nothing but his breath could be heard from him, Felicity took the vial and poured the liquid out on top of the gauntlet and ran it halfway up Liam's arm.

The liquid was still warm but it had the feel of a mix between glue and mud. Liam took his mind away from the feeling of the liquid as he felt something warm moving through his body. He also felt what must have been Felicity, placing her hand on his. Feeling perfectly content and fully concentrated, Liam opened his eyes to see Felicity also mouthing an incantation. The room grew bright as both the gauntlet and the box began to glow.

With her incantation done, he watched in amazement as the sword appeared in his hand and its sheath appeared on his back. Felicity took her hand away and stepped back a bit to look Liam over with his new weapon.

"You may just be a vessel but you do resemble the original Link." She gave a squeal out of excitement. "Now Put it in the gauntlet."

Done looking the blade over, Liam tried to do as he was told. It didn't matter how hard he concentrated, it just wouldn't go. He even put it back in its sheath with no luck. "Something isn't right. I know what I have to do but it just won't go." Liam could only watch as Felicity just broke out in laughter.

"I knew she wouldn't be able to make a dimension that strong. As soon as I knew about this project, I foresaw failure in that department." She was now on her knees crying of laughter. "Your mother is indeed strong but the sword was imbued by three Goddesses. There is no way for one to make something as strong as three."

"So I need to carry the sword with me. I don't see it as that big of a deal."

Wiping her tears and regaining her composure she made her way back to the box that once held the sword. "That may be, but wouldn't it be easier if you didn't have to?" Liam looked up as Felicity continued. "Chrystal and I can add our powers to your gauntlet."

"Are you serious?" Liam took the sword out once again and realized that it would indeed be easier. "How would you do that if you don't...."

A loud screeching could be heard outside. To Felicity and Liam, the sound was far off but was a sign of something quite large.

"Liam, before I shove you out into your first real battle, I must tell you what you will be up against." She made a nail biting motion as if trying to find an easy way to explain things. "If you have heard of death, then you know the term Reaper." The screeching was growing closer and much louder. "The Reaper indeed uses a scythe. A weapon created from the deepest depths of the underworld. The best way to attack is..."

"Long range. I know." Liam sheathed his sword, pulled out his bow, and headed outside.

"Liam, wait. Don't let the scythe hit you." Hoping he heard her, she swiped her hand and sealed the door.

It was then that Nikki finally came down from watching Mike. She looked at the fear in Felicity's eyes. "What's going on? What was that sound and where is, Liam?" All Felicity could do was point a finger outside at Liam making his way to the middle of the street. Whatever had a Goddess scared made Nikki's heart drop as the street became completely engulfed in darkness.

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