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"Harry please, I'm begging you. She's been wanting to see this bloke in concert for so long and I can't take her." Harry's sister Gemma pleaded and Harry sighed, giving in.

The shit he does for his niece.

"Fine. When is it?" He asked and heard Gemma squeal.

"Yes! It's this Saturday at five, I love you baby bro!" She said and Harry rolled his eyes, hanging up and lounges for a bit before he finally makes his way to his computer, beginning his work.

Harry takes college courses online, by the time he decided he wanted to go college in high school it was too late, so he's been doing everything online for the last three years. It works perfectly for him, he has time at night for his shift at the club he works at and during the day he studies.

After about an hour, Harry decides to text his niece and ask about the apparent dude he'd be seeing in concert tomorrow night.

Harry: so who's this dude we're seeing in concert??

Thalia: the love of my life 😭

Harry: seriously 😒


Harry: holy shit

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Harry: holy shit


Harry: you're 16. Not legal hunny

Thalia: ur makin me sad 😭

Harry: I can bang him and u can't 😛😛😛

Thalia: ok but foreal do you know anything about him? Any songs?

Harry: I know he's daddy af

Thalia: besides that 😒 😂

Harry: nope.

Thalia: Louis Tomlinson, born on December 24, he's 24 years old and lost the X-factor when he was 18 but he still got signed because he's incredibly talented. Ppl have suspicions that he's gay/bisexual whatever bc some guys have talked about him doing the dirty w them but it's not confirmed there's some evidence though

Harry: I think u know more about his life then he knows about his own life

Thalia: basically.

Harry shakes his head, she's absolutely unbelievable.

He begins to start getting ready for his shift, taking a quick shower and putting some anti frizz serum in his hair and let's it air dry. He picks out clean briefs and black skinny jeans with the black shirt the club had given him and his sparkly black boots that he spent a fortune on (it was totally worth it).

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