xxvii. tattoos

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"Okay, are you ready to have your mind blown?" Indie held onto Harry's arms, one hand rested on the inside of his elbow and the other sliding down his forearm until her fingers sunk benefit the cracks of his. After eating way too much cereal and spending a good chuck of the morning on his kitchen floor, the two finally got up and decided to head for the grocery store.

"You already did that," he smiled and leaned into her ear, his lips brushing her ear. "Don't tell me you already forgot about the kitchen counter already," he whispered, his warm breath brushing her ear.

"Shush," Indie nudged his chest but the smile on her face glowed, telling him that she was still feeling the effect of their earlier activities. "Hold the cart for me, will you?" She rested her hands on the narrow end of the metal cart. A hand holding on to either side of it.

"What are you doing, love?" Harry laughed but Indie ignored him and held her own weight, tossing one leg over the the side and lifted herself up until her whole body was in the cart.

"I'm ready," she grinned and rested her hands on the sides after taking a seat.

"Sometimes I wonder how old you are," Harry laughed but decided to ignore the fact that she had lit up like a Christmas tree. She was far too excited about being in the grocery store.

"I'm making your day and you know it," she stuck tongue out, leaning her head back so he could see the gesture she was sending his way. "Now, you got to do this right. Where do you think we should start?"

"You seem to have a plan already so please, enlighten me," Harry smirked and leaned into the cart as he pushed it, burying his face in her hair. He rested his lips against the top of her ear and she squirmed at his touch.

"Go to the candy aisle," she grinned.

"Candy? Ind, I need actually food."

"Yeah, and we need a snack for all our trouble while were here," she argued with him. "You know you wanna."

"Okay, yeah," he nodded in agreeance.

"See, I'm good at this," Indie playfully smiled up at him before reaching behind her for his hand. She pressed her back tighter into the gated back of the cart. She ran the tip of her finger over the tattoo. "Do you have an artist here?" She asked.

"For tattoos? Yeah," he told her. "What are we thinking?" He asked.

"I think I want to do it," she said suddenly, not quite sure what brought the sudden urge to mark her skin but it was stronger than ever and she knew if she didn't take the chance now, she'd chicken out. She'd let it get to her head and over think what it meant to have her artwork tattooed to her skin for the rest of her life.

"Yeah?" He smiled. "Do you really want to?"

"Yes and please don't make me over think it because if I do, then I'll think too much and I won't want to do it," she let out a low breath. "I want to move forward, you know," she tilted her head back. "I feel like I've been stuck in this spot forever and I just don't want to be there anymore. Everything that happened with Tina last night just made it all so clear. I don't want to be stuck on stupid drama like a boy. It's pointless."

"Makes sense," he shrugged. "You want to focus on the future and what's to come."

"Yeah, I guess," she nodded and then gasped, leaning out causing the cart to sway as Indie snatched the peanut butter cups off the shelf. "What? I like my peanut butter," she growled playfully at him. "As I was saying, I don't mind some things about my present. Somethings I'd like to bring to that future with me."

"Does that something happen to be drop dead gorgeous?" He teased.

"Yeah, it does happen to be," she smiled happily. "River is so gorgeous."

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