Untitled Part 1

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The news was on, the tall reporter with blue eyes calmly spoke, " After the treacherous earthquakes people have been giving uncontrollable compliments to each other, you would think that would be fine, if the symptoms weren't eyes beginning to sink in, nails to grow at alarming rates, blackening eyes, nausea,dizziness, and very violent outbreaks. They are everywhere from Japan, to South Africa, to our beloved home America, our attempts to keep the virus back has failed."
"Wait what they're everywhere?" I exclaimed, the hospital was already full, " they're spreading the virus, get the medications!!!! Nurse! Nurse! Where in oblivion is the nurse? We need to tend to the infected and make sure the healthy are healthy!!Hurry we must do this quickly before the whole world is affected!! No nurse, give them the pill people hate shots you know this. How would you feel if someone shoved a needle in you nurse how would you feel?!?!" I yelled to the nearest nurse people kept coming in with the same symptoms some worse causing them to itch uncontrollably at their skin breaking it, some would also twitch uncontrollably.

Day 1: The only reason why the virus spread is because the nurses couldn't listen.... God dang nurses.... People are giving so much complements that they are now starting to argue about who is the better person but ironically enough they are bickering about the other person is better than they are.

Day 2: Well the first murder happened today.... A compliment went too far and they slit the other persons throat saying, "you are much prettier than me." God these people are becoming animals.

Day 3: I'm escaping through the vents because it's a literal hell down there people a screaming clawing and dying... I need to get out of the city now.

Still day 3: I barely made it out one of them saw me, gave me a compliment, by saying thanks I thought it would leave me alone but instead they started to cry and every one came after me and I ran and hid in a dumpster and I'm surprised they passed me after all of that I finally decided to scavenge around so I could actually survive the wilderness (because it's the smart thing to do) so I found a store, found a pack and stuffed it with required things to survive. Surprisingly enough the shelves were still full of supplies then finally I made my way out of the city.

Day 4: thank god there is a forest right behind the stupid city..... Sad to say I think many people in their right minds seemed to have the same ideas. How could I tell you ask? Well if you couldn't tell by the decapitated heads (hopefully the infected people but then again they're still people so I'm not sure killing them was a great idea) and the blood oozing off plant life I'd say people were here fighting for their life's.... I continued on until I came across a river... Then it hit me, literally, I hit a branch fell in and saw the grime from the dumpster I was in wash off. Jesus Christ I must stink that's absolutely gross, I thought quickly to myself. I did a simple wash up then continued on my survival outdoor journey.....

Day 5: By god (or gods which ever you believe) five days felt like five years thanks to boredom.... Thanks boredom you piece o' curd.... But luckily and sadly I found a guitar strapped to a dead man. Wow he must have killed himself with his music.... The guitar is out of tune! (Not that I'd know much about since I never played it but it's something you can just tell) smart man, I thought.

Day 16: welp I survived sixteen days with food now I need to go BACK to the city.....oh great.... With my trusty guitar in hand maybe I'll make people deaf or cause them to run away from me. Luckily I found ear plugs so I won't fall into that old man's steps.

Day 18: Once I finally reached the city it was time to go to plan 'A' real quick. I mean JESUS CHRIST DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE WAITING FOR PEOPLE TO COME BACK TO GIVE THEM COMPLIMENTS???? So I started to play the most out of tune song.That only encouraged them to complement me! But it was distracting them so it was working for them not to attack me. Then finally a string broke so what does the logical person do? Smash their heads with the guitar and go hide in a dumpster (Once again mind you)

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