My mom is a prostitute, my dad a sex addict, my brother and I are...? [[4]]

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My mom is a prostitute, my dad a sex addict, my brother and I are...?


Julian and I woke up long ago and we've been staying here for a week already. We told the manger that our parents ran us out of the house and the manger was so kindhearted, she let us stay here for fifty dollars a month. So, we decided we were going to live here for awhile until I found a job. Julian went to work too but still went to school. His dream was his passion; cooking. He worked at the hotel as an assistant cook even though he didn't have a license. The chef there helped him from what needed to be done and learned how to cook everything on the menu. Julian would always come back with the greatest thing.

As for me, well, I went to school and I was a dishwasher. I kinda liked my job because it wasn't at some dump like fast food restaurants. I worked at this restaurant called, "Treasure Island" and this place was amazing. Even for the kitchen, at that. I wasn't working today and today was a holiday. No work. No school. Just peace and quiet.

"Dammit, Anna, what the hell did you do to the bathroom?!?!" Julian shouted. I smiled wickedly. I redid the bathroom because the other crap was getting old. So, I put it fish theme. Julian was always freaked out by things in the ocean. Except yachts in them, at that.

Julian walked out, freaked out. "Can you explain this?" he gestured to the bathroom.

"What, I hate just plain white. It needs to be tropical in there." I said nonchalantly.

"Do we have to think tropical when we shit? I don't want some gross things when I pee!" Julian complained. I rolled my eyes at him and began reading Seventeen magazine again. Suddenly, Julian's arms were around me. I looked up and dropped my magazine. Julian picked me up and I laughed. He swung me around with me on his shoulder. I laughed and begged him to put me down.

"JULIAN, once I get on my feet, you'll get IT!!" I laughed/shouted. Julian laughed then he slid me down, my feet hanging in the air. I hit his leg and he dropped me. Julian was laughing so hard he fell over the couch. My head ached but, oh, is he dead. I lunged to the couch and I landed right on Julian who was holding his stomach from laughing. I started tickling him on his sides and he wiggled trying to get out of my reach.

"Okay, okay!! I'll stop!!" he laughed. I was laughing too. I stopped then Julian climbed on top of me and started tickling my sides. My weakness is resisting when Julian tickles me. His hands were on my sides and that was my weakness.

"Julian!" I laughed. I couldn't talk. It was just Julian and me laughing. Julian stopped and we were both laying on the couch upside-down. I looked at him and he was still grinning. I grinned with him to then I smacked his chest. He whacked my arm then we started again. I sprung up and I kicked Julian. I laughed while I ran to my room. I slammed the door and I slid into the bathroom. I closed the door. I heard the other door open. Julian came in and he tickled me again. I hit his head then laughed and ran out of the bathroom. We were having fun in a long time. I went on my bed and grabbed a pillow. I walked out of my room and everything was quiet. I looked around and Julian was nowhere. I turned around to put my pillow back when I crashed into Julian's chest. I yelped then I hit him with my pillow. He had a pillow too, my good one too. He wacked me with it. I hit him hard with my pillow and feathers flew out. I jumped for my bed but Julian caught me. We struggled but we were still laughing.

"Okay, okay!! I'll put it back to white!! Just stop tickling me!!" I was breathless. Julian stood up and dropped me on the floor.

I smoothed out my hair, still trying to catch my breath.

"Promise?" he asked.

"Yes." I promised, hardly though. I got up and went into the restroom. The restroom was covered in fishes. I laughed and I was too lazy to do it. I walked out and went into the kitchen. I hopped on the counter and started eating grapes I grabbed out of the fridge. Julian came in and started cooking something.

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