Chapter 15

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Heyo! Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been really busy with school. Anyways on with the chapter sorry if it's really crappy. Hope you enjoy?! Also isn't that picture just so adorable 😍

David's POV :
Today where going out to the water park because it's really hot.
It's gonna be Me, Liza, Toby, Ester, Sara and our Mum.
We have breakfast then get ready.
Me and Liza are getting in a different car and the others are going in the same car.
Liza- "Hey babe sorry about last night"
David- "Don't be. You didn't know, and I've learnt to just get over it and move on"
I say and smile at Liza
We get to the water park and sit at a little table and wait for the others.
I can tell today's gonna be such a good day.

*Few Days Later*

We're leaving now to go back home, I'm gonna miss it here but I can't wait to see all our friends again.
David- "We have to leave now it we'll miss out flight Mum, I'm gonna miss you"
Liza- "We'll come back and see you soon"
Mum- "I'll miss both of you, and that'd be great!"
David- "See ya lil man. Bye Sara and Ester" I hug them all goodbye and wait for Liza to say her goodbyes
Liza- "Bye you three, see ya soon!" She smiles and gives them all hugs.
We leave the house and get into are uber. We wave goodbye as we drive away.
We get to the airport and go through security. After a while of waiting we get on the plane and take off. Liza falls asleep on my shoulder like usual.
The plane finally lands and I wake up Liza. We get off the plan and go to the uber that was waiting outside. We go over to Scotty's to see everyone. As soon as we get in Gabbie runs over to Liza and hugs her lifting her off the ground.

Gabbie's POV :
Gabbie- "I missed youuuuu!!"
I say hugging her very tightly.
Liza- "I missed you too Gab!"
She said laughing while trying to gasp for air.
Gabbie- "Oh sorry, I'll let go haha"
Everyone hugs and says hello. We all end up going out side and sitting round the pool. It was getting late so we all left and went home.

*5 Months Later*

Liza's POV :
We're going for another ultrasound today this time we're finding out the gender of the baby.
David and I are so excited but so nervous.

We get to the doctors to have the ultrasound. We're in the waiting room to be called in by our nurse. Me and David have been thinking and we want a home birth for our baby, so we'll both be more 'comfortable' you could say, with our soundings. Plus Gabbie is only 5 minutes away so if my water breaks and David isn't there I don't have to be alone and Gabbie can be with me while we wait for him.
After about 10 minutes we get called in by the nurse, I lay down on the bed and David sits in the chair next to me holding my hand.
Nurse- "Okay, so I'm going to put the gel on it's going to be cold"
She put the gel on and moves the wand around.
We can see our baby on the screen, I look at David and he has a big smile on his face.
Nurse- "Okay the baby looks good, nice and healthy... now would you like to know the gender?"
Liza & David- "Yes please!"
This is a slight pause of silence then the nurse speaks.
Nurse- "It seems like your having a...girl! Congratulations, I'll be back in a minute" she said with a nice smile.
Liza- "Babe we're having a girl! A girl!"
David- "I know! I'm so happy"
Liza- "I've been thinking of names"
David- "Lets here some"
Liza- "Olivia, Kaylee, Maddison, Aria, Marie, Paisley, Natalie and Riley. What ones do you like babe?"
David- "Olivia, Aria, Natalie and Maddison"
Liza- "I like Olivia"
David- "Me too"
Liza- "Olivia it is" we both laugh, as we are laughing the nurse walks in and tells us we are ready to go, she gives us a baby picture and we're off.

Hey guys! So I hope you liked this one? It wasn't the best but I've been super busy with school and also been having writers block, but I should be back on schedule soon! Also thank you everyone who put some name and gender suggestions. Oh and a quick update on my phone, part of the glass at the bottom of my screen has came out, all around my home button has come out and I also no longer have a home button-_- yes my home button fell out. I'm never trusting anyone with my phone again 😂😭
Anyways I hope you enjoyed! ❤️❤️ Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

Also thank you so much for 3K reads!! ❤️❤️

Also thank you so much for 3K reads!! ❤️❤️

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