Just You

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Did I get scared and hug you a second less?
Did I see into your eyes and look away?
Maybe I didn't say what I meant to say?
Did I come out mean and cruel?
Maybe I didn't answer for lack of words?
Did I say hi when I meant I love you?
Did you think I wanted someone else when it was you?

I wish you knew I did want that hug a second longer.
I looked away cause I didn't want your feelings to be different than mine.
I came out awkward and wierd cause everthing I felt did not have words to be said.
I did not mean to hurt you i was scared of being hurt myself.
When I stared and didn't answer I  was cut off gaurd, it was not cause I thought less but because I thought more.
Than I said bye I didn't want you to leave I wanted to love you forever.
There was never another just you.

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