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So you want to know a little more before you read the this review by someone who has read the book....

Someone's Hiding in the Shadows is fun, fast paced read, full of suspense and intrigue. The story centers on Athina, who is independent and headstrong with her quirky British sensibilities. She's involved with Jarod, a handsome, successful lawyer.

Athina learns a little about Jarod's past relationship with Theodora, his toxic and sometimes dangerous ex-wife.

She is a woman of her own means and Athina is not ready for anything serious despite the intoxicating effect Jarod has on her. When she wants to keep things slow for a while, alpha Jarod becomes increasingly possessive and begins pressurising Athina into marriage. After she declines, strange events start occurring and several intense experiences leave Athina confused and suspicious of Jarod's motives and actions.

She is befriended by a stranger, Emily who seems to have all the answers and the intrigue and suspense continue to escalate. As Athina tries to find security she finds her dreams begin to crumble.

Someone Hiding in the Shadows is a page turner with plot twists, mysteries, and a little romance. you want to keep turning the pages?

Review by Donna Barrow Green also known as rosegluckwriter

Below is a synopsis I put as a pitch for the wattys with a little help from my friend linahanson

Someone Hiding in the Shadows, is all about a vulnerable girl -- estranged from her family and mesmerised by the man in her life.Most of us remember our first love and most of us -- unfortunately loved someone who we were not always sure about. I built on those feelings and turned them into something a little dark but something that also evolved into something positive.I wanted to show how through adversity and friendship the main character fights back and grow strong and resolute in very trying circumstances. I want the reader to feel what Athina goes through, and turn every page eager to know what comes next."Someone Hiding in the Shadows" is a wild ride and sometimes even an adrenaline rush, as Athina becomes entangled by the love of her life and eventually has to fight for her freedom.What will she do when death stares her in the eye and the chance to get her revenge is within her reach. You won't know unless you enter Athina's world.'Someone Hiding in the Shadows' is a novel about secrets and deceit, true love and false promises - a story about becoming strong and believing in yourself. Overcoming challenges. One day at a time.

If you would like to write a review of my book around this length without created a spoiler feel free to submit this to me and the best ones will be placed here for being to decide which is the best that I can use as my synopsis later on when I submit to publishers in the future when I have completed the series of these books, as I have 2, 3 and 4 pencilled.


This review, apart from a couple of tweaks by yours truly, was written by the truly talented writer and my lovely Wattpad friend Donna Barrow Green known on Wattpad as rosegluckwriter  with deep thanks for reading my book that means so much for me (being my first full length novel that I wanted to write forever) and thanks Donna for taking the time in considering and writing this.  Donna is incredibly talented and her fantastic book Euxberance of Beauty is a featured book, see the link here and a wonderful book.  If you want to know more about this book see my review here and if you want to learn more about Donna's writing journey see my interview here

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