A sob stopped the smile short and Vitesh watched as the wolf trembled and pushed off the nearest stone bench before running at him. The wolf threw himself into Vitesh's chest and fumbled out a few words of gratitude before more cries fell. Eased that Adam did in fact adore this, Vitesh relaxed and focused on calming the wolf down. He picked up the smaller body with a soft stream of assurances falling from his lips and carried Adam into the room beyond.

"This is to be your study," Vitesh murmured, taking a seat on the sofa he had aired out earlier. "Though I warn you; I will be coming down to make sure you aren't too stuck into the books to neglect your health. The day bed is not for full time use when I have set up a perfectly good room for you upstairs. You even only have to share your bathroom with one other person."

'Who?' Adam asked, teeth scraping the neck of the Jinni as he let his scent mingle with the smoky calm wafting from Vitesh.

"I couldn't trust to have you too far from my security measures so you'll be right next to me. You get to share my bathroom and the bath is huge," He answered, fingers rubbing into Adam's taut muscles along his back. The knots slowly loosened until Adam rumbled in contentment. "I understand if you wish for space. I will relocate your possessions tomorrow if you really want to stay at a distance from me but after the week we've had..."

'No, that's not it. I like being close to you,' Adam admitted while his face heated up. 'If you're sure it won't be annoying for you, then I'll be honoured to stay in the room beside yours.'

"Perfect," Vitesh beamed. "How about I show you the way to the library?"

'After we unpack the books!' Adam pouted and got a loud groan from the Jinni. It surprised a giggle from the wolf and Vitesh would prolong their unpacking if only to watch Adam's wide grin from the corner of his eye. An hour later, bent over another box to crack open, both men were without their jackets and jumpers. Adam in a torn shirt and humming softly, didn't notice Vitesh's fond smile following him around. The wolf flitted around and placed down vials and a great many other pieces of intricate objects. "Adam, where do I put this?" Vitesh called over and delighted in the round eyes and the pink flush over the wolf's features. In that moment, he knew that this had been worth all the time spent clearing out the deadly curses and placing more on the area for Adam's use. It may persuade the little wolf to stick around more often and Vitesh fought down that warmth spreading in his chest.

Out of the box came a heavily charmed decoder for substances. It worked like any other mortal instrument would but had an extended library of categories. Vitesh paid a little extra to the warlock to get that elusive descendant of Emrys himself to hand it over. It had been gathering enchanted dust and doing nothing more than looking pretty but even Cadorum had admitted that it'd be nicer used.

"'ere," Adam tapped the cleared table top and clapped his hands as he hovered around Vitesh on the way over. This overt display of glee and excitement, disregarding any fear or anxiety for once, was a gift from the gods to Vitesh.

"The parchment taped to it has the instructions and some features that the warlock added when he manufactured it," Vitesh told Adam while setting it carefully down and pulling the tape away to hold out for Adam. "I really hope you look at me someday like you look at the books."

The adorable blush did horrible things to Vitesh's heart but he'd never been known to give up and dropped his chin down on Adam's nest of hair. Hands skittered over his shirt and clenched there, a soft croak from the wolf clinging to his ears. 'I've never been in a relationship,' Adam admitted and it sent more than enough happy vibes through Vitesh to know that another hadn't hurt Adam in some way before to jade him from this. 'I may need time. I feel things, but I do not know how to...'

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