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Soo...What's up? I would like for you guys to honnestly tell me how it is so far! Should I add more action? Romance? Blah, Whatever it is. Comment >:D Anywho, Here is Chapter 11 and enjoy! (: This is kind of like a sad chapter too!

 Listen to the song also!! It describes alot with this chapter!!

Chapter 11: The picture on the side is TVD Poster (With Jessie as Katherine)

I sprinted the bathroom and calmy brushed my hair and teeth. I walked out to see Julia staring at me.

"Feeling like a ballerina today?" She questioned, observing me. I nodded.

"I'm in a joyous mood. I can have my coffee and finally invite my imagenery friend over" I smiled, proudly.

"And...You have the recording studio!" She added, jumping up and down. I took a sip before putting it down and realising it.

"OMG! I HAVE THE APOINTMENT TODAY!" I exclaimed, happily.

"Naww Sherlock!" She shook her head walking away. I giggled.

"Where's Rose?" I asked, going back and getting on casual clothes.

"She went to the Cafe" She replied.

"Is that all she told you?"

"To do some research" Julia shrugged. I got my bag and went over to Julia.

"I'm gonna go see if she's ok"

"Why? It's not like she's gonna die" Julia answered.

"She's been acting...Weirder than normal" I tried to think of what to say.  Julia nodded and I left the house. Rose, I hope you're okay.

~~Rose POV:~~

I twirled the straw in my drink and watched it. I looked out, holding my hands. When was he going to get here? I watched the people outside. They were so happy and in-love, It almost hurt. I left the bar and went to the cafe, I said i was gonna go to anyways. My phone rang and I picked it up.

"Hello?" I answered hurt.

"Rose?" He asked, sounding like he cared.

"What?" I snapped. I just felt like I just got stood up. Hell, I did! and I was so Angry.

"I was just-" He began but I hung up on him. This is so stupid, To think this would ever work! I wanted to shout and just scream but someone interupted me. I looked up and I saw Jess.

"Jess. What are you doing here?" I questioned. This would be the time to put up my walls and never feel anything again. I couldn't pull this off, Jess would but not me. She gave me a tight hug and stroked my hair.

"Rose, I'm here for you. Just know that! I care for you" She held my hands as a friendly gesture.

"I know and I dont want to tell you about it cause.." I paused, What was I even going to say. Maybe: My bf just stood me up and I hung up on him thinking it was our breakup. Nope.

"I'm sorry Jess, maybe another time" I looked at her. She backed up a little but sat down and I followed her.

"Rose, Have I ever told you the time of my first bf?" She asked me, staring at the floor.

"No, What happened?"

She sighed. "He cheated on me".

It's like she felt the same way I kind of, sorta do.

"Well, You must have had one good bf atleast" I countered, trying to make her smile.

"Nope, They all cheated on me" She looked up at me.

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