Chapter 2 - Crash Course Princes and Meeting.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
Ha J- No, Soo Unnie brought me to the palace garden and sat me down at one of the stone tables. She said "Hae In, I'm going to give you a crash course on the princes." I nodded and she said "Ok, let's start."

"Firstly, there's Crown Prince Moo. He is most likely the one that's going to inherit the throne, and he's the 1st Prince. The next Prince will be Prince Wang Yo, the 3rd Prince, he is the only one that wears earrings amongst the Princes. The 4th Prince, is Prince Wang So, and he is recognizable as the one who wears a mask. Known as the Wolf-Dog, by others.

Then, there's Prince Wang Wook, the 8th Prince, the most intelligent of the 8 Princes.
Prince Wang Won, the 9th Prince. He's rich. Prince Wang Baek Ah, the 13th Prince, he draws well and is smart too. Now, the final Prince. Prince Wang Jung, the 14th Prince, he's a fighter. There's Princess Yeon Hwa too, she's the younger sister of the 8th Prince."

I said "Yes, Unnie. Is there anything else I need to know about the Princes?" She shook her head and said "Besides the fact that we're living with Prince Wook, there's nothing else." I nodded and said "I hope, I'll do well when I meet them." She smiled and said "Just, don't get into a fight with Prince Eun. I did that and nearly got my limbs chopped off." I giggled and said "That's totally you."

"Lady Hae Soo! The Princes are looking for you!" I saw a young girl run towards us. She said "Oh my! Lady Hae In! Are you feeling better?" I nodded and said "Thank you." Soo Unnie said "This is Chae Ryung, she's our servant." I said "Servant?" She nodded. Soo said "Chae Ryung ah, bring Hae In back to her room for me please?" Chae Ryung nodded and said "The Princes are at the Pavilion." Soo hugged me and said "I'll come back for you later." I nodded and we separated.

Ha Jin's (Hae Soo) POV
I made my way to the pavilion and saw all the Princes there, chattering and drinking tea. I went over and bowed before saying "Princes, you called for me?" Eun said "Soo! Sit down!" I sat down next to him and noticed that all the Princes were present. Prince Wook said "Soo, how's Hae In?" I smiled and said "Hae In's awake now, I brought her to tour around before coming here. She's now in her room, resting."

Jung said "Hae In? Who is she?" Wook said "Hae In is Soo's younger sister, she arrived a few days ago, but hit her head 2 days ago and just woke up today." Eun said "She's really pretty!" I said "Indeed, we received calls from many guys who want to marry her." Jung said "She's pretty? I want to meet her!" Wook said "Soo, why don't you bring her over?" I nodded and said "I'll go bring her over now." I left the pavilion for Hae In's room and brought her to the princes.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
Soo Unnie held my hand and brought me to a place where the princes gathered. She said "Hae In, this is the pavilion." I nodded and we arrived in front of the princes. Soo smiled at me and said "In ah, introduce yourself." I instantly felt myself breaking out into cold sweat and my legs turned jelly. Soo wiped my sweat and said "Go on."

I said "Annyeonghaseyo, Princes, I'm Hae In, and I'm the younger sister of Hae Soo..." before giving them my best smile. They were all staring at me intensely and the one with the big earrings, Yo, said "She's pretty." Before going back to his tea. I smiled and noticed that Prince So was constantly staring at me. Baek Ah said "Hae In, how old are you?" I said "I'm 16 this year, 2 years younger than Soo Unnie."

Jung said "What do you like to do?" Soo said "Hae In, she's very good at make up, making others look pretty!" Eun said "Hae In, can you play with me next time?" I nodded and said "Of course, Prince Eun." We sat with the Princes and talked for quite some time before Prince So stood up. He left without a word and Prince Won said "Don't bother about him, he's always like this."

Prince So...Who exactly are you?

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