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Lexi stood in front of the scrying mirror waiting for the palace nymph to locate Zeus. She felt strangely calm about the news she planned to deliver, knowing full-well Zeus didn't approve of her commitment to Hades and the fact that she snubbed every other god in Olympus. Lexi knew pride was driving Zeus' actions. He had lectured her numerous times about his progeny having a responsibility to share the wealth of her superior parentage. Well, Lexi wouldn't prove her superiority by shagging any god with a penis. She would prove it by remaining happily committed to one.

Hades sat in front of the fireplace, sipping leisurely from a teacup that looked far too delicate in his hand. She had asked him to stay, having noticed his hesitance to leave her since the science experiment confirmed their parenthood. Clearly, he was over-the-moon about the news.

Zeus appeared in front of the mirror, smiling behind a neatly-trimmed beard, although his stormy eyes told her he was annoyed about something. "Greetings, Lexi. I trust you are having a better day than your father."

"I'm sorry, Zeus. What troubles you?"

"Oh, nothing that concerns you. The Olympic council is deliberating on the proper penalty for a participant who had a-go at one of the attendees."

"A fight broke out at the Olympic games?" Lexi wasn't the least bit surprised, but she tried to appear concerned. "Who was involved, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Tara, descendant of Dionysus. I am not sure you have met her."

Lexi tried to give the impression she was surprised. "Yes. We met the day I visited Odessa to talk about establishing the new council."

"Ah, good. You did that." Zeus' mustache bristled under his nose as he acknowledged Lexi's accomplishment. "Well, Tara has a bit of a chip on her shoulder, something about a dare she took after an overindulgence of wine. Now she thinks she can conquer any god who challenges her. Today it was Poseidon's son, Ink. He was shouting less than complimentary suggestions from the stands. I believe it involved certain female attributes he thought she was missing."

Zeus turned away from the mirror to clear his throat, but Lexi distinctly heard him chuckle.

"So, who won the battle?"

"They both had their valiant moments before the officials broke them up, and I have not heard any rumor of a win. I understand Kade and Ink are paying you a visit. Maybe Hades can talk some sense into the young demigod. The boy has had a rough start. I didn't even know about him until a year ago."

Lexi glanced at the fireplace where Hades sipped his tea. She knew he was hearing every word, and she wondered how long Hades had known about Poseidon's troubled offspring. "Hades is very skilled in the art of charisma," she offered. "If nothing else, Ink will learn how to charm his fellow gods before he slugs them."

From his chair, Hades lifted his cup in acknowledgment before Lexi changed the subject. "Zeus, I called to share some news with you. It will only take a moment of your time, then you can go back to passing judgment on the accused."

"News? What news do you have for me?"

It was unfortunate Lexi had to deliver important news through a pane of glass, but she had no intention of returning to Olympus to deliver it, so she did her best to hold Zeus' granite gaze through the mirror.

"Hades and I are expecting our first child."

Zeus rubbed his hand over his beard, looking on impassively, although Lexi expected there was more going on inside his head. "I take it you are happy about this news. I would hate for you to be unsure of your decision to commit..."

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