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Edward was speechless, but he pressed his mouth tightly. On his sides, his hands balled into fists, as he hung his head low. Seb flashed him a smile and gently pushed him forward, whispering something in his ears, probably some encouraging words. Edward's chest huffed up and down, before he ultimately listened and approached Adelynn.

Alternatively, she refused to see him in the eye. One of her legs started making circular motions on the floor. She had her hands on the back, as if she was hiding something. I curiously tried to peek what was behind her, but Aly seemed to block half of my view on purpose. She gave the nervous Adelynn a slight push towards him.

Florence, still on her seat, rotated the golden globe beside her. She was staring warily at Adelynn and she was about to comment on the awkward scene, but Seb shushed her down.

"I'm sorry."

Both of them found their voices, but it came out in unison. Almost instantly, they shuffled both of their arms and feet respectively. Edward ran his hand through his blonde hair, ruffling it, while Adelynn gathered all of her courage to look straight at him. This reminded me of me when I was dealing with him a week ago. She's ten times braver than me, though.

"I should be the one who said sorry," she began, "I was the ignorant one for not listening to you. I saw your texts back on Saturday, but I didn't reply to them because I was afraid of saying words that I didn't mean to. The basketball team wanted you back, and they really mean it this time."

She paused, taking a deep breath.

"Here's a bread I bought as an apology," she finally revealed the object that she was concealing behind her back. It was a melted chocolate croissant, nicely wrapped in a plastic foil, sprinkled with tiny sliced nuts.

Both Florence and Edward instantly zoomed their eyes on the bread, preparing themselves to snatch it from Adelynn's grasp. Though later, Edward began to hesitate as he resisted temptations from taking it.

"I don't deserve that bread," Edward muttered, "after all, it's my fault. I jumped into conclusions and got upset easily. I should have learned how to maintain my temperament."

"Just take the bread, Ed," Adelynn brushed his statements off. She pulled his arm and placed the fresh bread on his opened hand. She proceeded to grin, "don't be shy, I know you want it."

"But I..." Edward stopped as he ogled at the bread. He continuously stared at it, before he sighed in defeat, "fine, I will take it. It's not like I want to, though."

"Aw come on, stop lying!" Adelynn chuckled and playfully shoved him to just eat it.

"Hey Grumpy," Florence called out, which distracted their moment, "would you mind sharing that br-oof!"

Seb's hand chopped her head again as he scolded her, "don't be a party crasher, Florie. They need their time, and then you're sitting here trying to ruin it."

"Fine, I'm sorry..." She half-heartedly apologized, pouting and looking away.

I have no choice but to laugh softly at their interactions. The sweet scene between Edward and Adelynn slowly melted me inside, and my heart warmed up when I noticed that Edward loosened himself down around his friend. Even if he seemed pale, he looked a bit better than before.

Finally, they made up...


Lunch time went well, including all of the remaining classes. Florence decided to join us, abandoning her library duties and allowing someone to take over. Edward, Adelynn and Seb had gone back to their team, and without reluctance, they accepted Edward back. There were no better descriptions to describe my contentment at them. This is really good for Ed... he didn't need to be feeling so left out anymore.

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