Sneaking Around. Part 26

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24th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

Every now and again I would see him around town. Sometimes he would have his kid with him and sometimes he wouldn't.

Not that I cared either way. Just as long as he stayed away from me and my family, I didn't care.

The kids came home from school one day. They were telling me about this boy who was new to the schol and the funny thing was that he looked just like they did. His name was Daniel Knox.

Damn it, he's using the kid to get to us.

I didn't say anything to the kids when they were excited about a new person in their lives. I didn't want to wipe the smiles of their faces. I just looked at judy before looking away, finishing off the chore that i was doing at the moment.

But each day they came home from school, they were always talking about that boy.

It was a week later when they came home. And brought him with them.

I had been out working on a couple of cleaning jobs and had to be home by a certain time to get the last load of washing in the machine as well as getting the load that was in the dryer out and ironed.

I had walked inside the trailer to hear the kids giggling in the back room where they usually do their homework together.

I had pulled out the ironing board and had the iron warming when I heard a little voice I didn't recognise. So heading towards the back room, I stopped frozen when i noticed his kid was here.

In my home.. his son was here with my babies.

"Mumma. This is Daniel. He's come to do his homework with us." Matty called out when he saw me standing there in the doorway.

"Hello Mrs Collins." The kids said to me in a shy and nervous voice.

"Hello." I mumbled back to him very quietly before looking at each of the others and turning to walk back to where I had ironing waiting for me to get done.

Which I did. get the ironing done that is while I listened to the kids doing their homework with a few gigles and alot of chatter thrown in.

I was packing away everything and emptying out the iron of it's hot water when i heard a voice behind me.

"can I please have a driink of water, mam?" I heard the kid ask me.

So without a word edgewise, I just grabbed a galss out of the cupboard and poured him a glass of water from the fountain of filtered water I keep on hand.

I then passed it to him and waited until he had finished before taking the glass off him.

"Thank you Mam." he said as he stood there watching me then clean up the glass and after wiping it with a towelling cloth, I put the glass back into the cupboard.

"My daddy just leaves it in the sink until there is lots to wash up. he says that you only need to wash up once that way." The kid was pointing out to me.

So Knox was a pig was he?

" But I think it's because he only has one hand and can't use the other one very well. It's an arta.. a a artafish.. an arta fishal hand. He has a leg like it oo. But he plays with me okay." He stood there right beside me talking to me about his father as if I have never met the man before.

"Your homework." I said to the kid in a low tone of voice.

"Okay. Thank you again Matty's mumma." The kid said to me with a smile as he quickly turned and raced back up into the back room to be with the others to finish his homework.

Not too long after that when i was getting dinner ready, there was a brisk knock on the door.

There wasn't to many guesses to know who that might be. I gave Judy a look as she went and called the kid to come since it was most likely for him.

Then Judy went to the door and opened it.

"I'm here for Daniel. I got word that he was here." I heard Knox say to Judy who was quietly murmuring to him.

I could feel his eyes boring into the back of me. Not that I cared of course. I just didn't want to see him greet his son and leave. I just wanted him to go.

Anyway, I heard a loud kerfuffle of feet come running with excited voices, mainly being Daniel's the loudest as she went and greeted his father.

"Mumma, my ribbon fell out again." I heard Sasha say to me as she came running with the red ribbon in her hand which she held up to me.

Then after shoving it into my hand, she then turned her back to me, which was facing Knox, and I heard a sudden intake of air from the doorway.

I concentrated on getting my little girls hair back up into a pony tail and then wrapping her ribbon tightly around it, then tying it so that it didn't come loose again. At least not until bed time.

But it was the sudden gasp that I heard had me glancing at the door to see Knox standing there in shock as he stared at Sasha.

"Back and finish your homework." I said to Sasha with a little push urging her to get back to the room.

"Boys. Say goodbye to the boy then back to homework." I said as Judy stood near the door and I again turned my back to finish getting dinner o ready.

I just heard Judy quietly murmuring before I heard her shut the door and coming over to help me, which she didn't really need to.

Then I felt her lay a hand on my shoulder which had me damn near crumbling as I turned to lay my head on her shoulder and just shudder for a moment or two before lifting my ehad again and getting back into getting dinner ready.

"You do know that he won't go away, don't you?" She said to me very quietly as she stood there besdie me just looking at me.

"I know. That's why I'm thinking of moving again." I said to her in a whisper hoping that the kids don't hear anything.

But Judy just stared at me for a moment before moving away from me.

And so went our dyas for the next several weeks.

Daniel would come around to do his homework with the kids and his father would come by and pick him up and each time he did, he tried to talk to me. But i wasn't going to give him an opportunity.

I mentoned again that I was considering a move elsewhere with Judy. Unfortunately, Matty must have heard me because he spoke about it with Ryan who went to school and spoke about it with Daniel who then went home in tears.

That in turn brought the Knox to come bashing on my door.

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