Chapter 11

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Ahmed's POV

I wake up by the sound of my alarm and turn it off. I get up early keeping in mind that me and Ayesha are going to the beach today. I take my towel and head into the bathroom to take a shower.

After the cold shower, I put on my light blue striped shirt with black jeans. I tuck my shirt inside the pants and spritz some perfume. Actually, a lot of perfume for some reason. I slip my phone in my pocket, put on my watch, take the taxi keys and head downstairs.

"Mama I'm going, it's urgent. I'll eat my breakfast at the café," I say, putting on my socks.

"Kuch tou kha lo," She says.

"I will. At the café," I say.

She nods in agreement.

I kiss her goodbye, put on my shoes and head outside.

I unlock the car and sit inside. Starting the engine, I drive towards her house.

Ahmed - I'm waiting outside.

I text her once I'm at her gate.

Ayesha - You might have to wait a little bit you know ;)

Ahmed - Hmm... Okay then I'll let you walk to the café by yourself then.

Ayesha - No wait! I'm coming

I smile at her last text and see her coming towards my car.

"Aaiye bethiye, Maharani Sahiba," I say, sarcastically.

"Shukria shukria," She giggles, sitting at the passenger seat and I drive towards the café.

At café

"Kya khana pasand karengi ap?" I ask, once we're sitting on the table.

"Anything will work," She replies. I call the waiter and give her our orders.

"Where are we going after this?" She asks.

"To the beach. Forgot?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.

"Oh yeah," She says. "And the to the library," She exclaims, excitedly. "I've yet to find the book I've been looking for," She adds.

Her addiction with novels. I will keep that in mind.

"Okay sure," I reply, smiling at her enthusiasm.

"You should try reading a book too you know," She says.

She looks at me, regret in her eyes.

"I-I am sorry, I forgot," She apologizes, sincerely.

"It's fine, I understand," I smile.

How can someone so rude become so nice..?

"I can still tell you the story right?" She asks and I nod, interested to hear it.

She starts telling the story, gesturing with her hands, I stare at the face. Her beautiful face. She looks so pretty while talking. I wonder how she looks when sleeping. Still beautiful, I bet.

My inner voice says,"You love her."

No, I don't!

"Stop denying, Ahmed" The annoying voice says.


Ayesha's POV

I was telling Ahmed about the story's plot but he seemed distracted.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat to grab his attention but he was still day dreaming.

"Ahmed?" I said, shaking his arm which caused him to come back to reality.

"Uh, yeah?" He replies.

"You were day dreaming," I said, looking at him in the eyes.

"No I was not," He denies.

"Um, yes you were," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Okay, yeah. Never mind," He replies, looking at his coffee.

After we're done with our breakfast and tea, Ahmed pays and we head outside.

"So what were you dreaming about?" I ask, once we're outside, curiosity getting the best of me.

"You," He says, lost again and I choke on my own saliva and he rubs my back and I ignore the Sparks I get at his touch. "I-I mean do you really want to know?" He changes his sentence.


"Um no, not anymore," I say, opening the door of the car and sitting inside.

We're headed to the beach now. I actually really like beaches. Well, who doesn't. They're so peaceful and amazing. I love putting my feet in the water and enjoying the weather. It's one of my favorite places to go when I am upset.

I get out of the car, remove my sandals and start walking on the warm sand. I feel Ahmed following me. I walk forward and put my feet in the water. I enjoy the great feeling and look up to my left to find Ahmed staring at me.

He was looking handsome today in his blue striped shirt with the selves folded up.

"You like beaches?" He asks.

"Yeah, you don't?" I reply.

"I do too," He smiles.

I sit down on the sand with my feet in the water still.

I look up at him again.

I think...I like Ahmed.. I mean it is crazy how I've started liking him, when a few weeks ago, I was so rude to him and I hated him a lot. But he's so nice, and I feel....completed when I'm with him, he makes me feel special, and comfortable.

I sigh.

I think I should confess my feelings for him. I can't keep it forever, I have to know if he thinks the same way...


"Hmm?" He replies, looking at me and I look in his sparkling eyes.

The sun shines on him, and he just looks...Breath taking.

"I-I like you," I blurt out without thinking.

Stupid Ayesha! You're stupid.

"Hunh?" He says, confused, raising his eye brows.

Dang, what did I do!?


Kuch tou kha lo - Eat something at least

Aaiye bethiye, Maharani Sahiba - Come and sit, Princess.

Shukria shukria - Thank you, thank you.

Kya khana pasand karengi ap? - What would you like to eat?

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