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 Thank you, love, it's beautiful

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Life had always given me everything the hard way. I had a battle waiting for me whenever my heart desired to claim something. It had taught me to be tougher nonetheless, to always be ready for what was coming my way.

Yes, it did make me nervous but it was what I had grown accustomed to. Nervousness was life's way of telling me I was in the right situation.

But somehow, somewhere I was deviating from my track today. In this room, with him, I had forgotten myself, forgotten what I was used to, but in a way it felt right.

A soft gasp made its way past my lips when I felt him dip his face in the crook of my neck. I fisted my fingers in his hair pressing him towards me. His stubble scratched against my skin, while his lips sucked deliciously on my collarbone, sure to be leaving a mark later.

And surprisingly, I didn't care.

Feeling his grip tighten on my waist, I arched off the bed into him. Entwining my fingers with his, he pinned one of my hands beside me, proceeding to descend lower.

I shivered, feeling the warmth of his lips leaving a searing path downwards, sliding away the strap of my dress in the process. Placing a wet lingering kiss over the swell of my breast, Maximillian trailed upwards and stopped abruptly giving a soft peck to my lips.

Lifting his torso from over me, our eyes met, his still being dark with desire. The soft brown of them seemed to be completely gone, our foreheads resting against each other. His little exploration had left me panting and breathless for more.

I closed my eyes when he kissed me softly, barely touching my lips, after which he lifted himself off me.

I was about to protest, while he started to button up his shirt, which I had found the courage to open. The words were just on the tip of my tongue when he spoke making it all fall into place.

"We have a meeting in an hour."

I snapped back to reality, bolting up from the bed and then straightening my dress. This little fight had ended up with me being a heated mess, having agreed to do something so reckless, which I didn't think I was capable of.

I did not dare look up at him, afraid of his reaction. I had almost given myself to him on a silver platter, not caring about the consequences a bit. A chill ran down my spine, making me chew my bottom lip nervously as I turned around.

But like always, I bumped into his chest and looked up startled. My lips parted, and I gulped nervously, watching his intent eyes searching mine. Tucking a stray lock of hair away from my face, Maximillian closed his eyes and sighed.

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