6- Champion

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Percy's PoV:

Wow! She just left like that. I didn't know even where I'm going to stay in for the night. I looked around the arena. The sun was already setting and I needed to find a place, fast. I decided to get out of this arena first. I walked towards the exit and saw that it was just a desert outside. Now what do I do... Then I got an idea. Since I was a god now, I should have the ability to flash myself to somewhere. I decided to try it. I thought of a place where I could stay for the night. Well, I could go to Olympus or... Aha! Poseidon said that I could go to him if I need something. So Poseidon's crib, Atlantis, it is! Instantly, I disappeared from the arena and appeared in front of a crystal blue palace. I just stared at it in awe then a school of goldfish swam by me. The first thought that came into my mind was 'Nemo!' and then I realized that Nemo was a clownfish... And then it came into my mind that I was underwater but still breathing properly. Maybe it was because of me being a minor god of water. Cool! But then, I have always had a thing with water. I never got wet and I never drowned... It is really weird... Then, I was interrupted from my thoughts by... Woah, a merman... He was carrying a trident like Poseidon's and he was really big...

"Who are you?" He growled at me. His sharp teeth made my hair stand on end.

"I'm..." I decided to introduce myself with my godly name. "I'm Perseus, the god of earth."

"What is a god of earth doing under the sea?" He asked sarcastically. Under the sea... Maybe the Little Mermaid is his sister! I should ask him.

"I'm here to see Poseidon. He adopted me as his son. Who are you anyway? And is the Little Mermaid your sister?"

"Oh I see. That's why you are doing fine underwater. I'm Triton, his favorite son." He crossed his arms. "The Little Mermaid? Who is that? I don't have a sister called the Little Mermaid!"

"Actually buddy, it's not because of him that I'm doing fine underwater, I was born with it. And it is very nice to meet you Triton. So, will you take me to Poseidon without wasting my time? And I'm very disappointed that the Little Mermaid is not your sister. I wanted to meet her."

"First of all, don't call me buddy. Second, where are your manners? Third, you find Poseidon on your own, I have work to do." Then he swam off. So much for a friendly talk. He didn't even say bye and he's asking about my manners. Manners my ass.

I decided to explore and find Poseidon on my own. Atlantis was fascinating. All kinds of sea creatures were there. Then I saw a set of stairs and I climbed it. Poseidon was sitting on a throne made of corals, I don't know if it is even comfortable but he seemed to be happy sitting on it, and he was talking with a merman. I guessed that this was his throne room. When he saw me, he dismissed the merman and stood up.

"Perseus! What a surprise! I didn't expect that you will come here but I'm happy that you did." I smiled at him. "Wonderful isn't it?" He asked.

"It is awesome!" I nodded. "Poseidon, I came to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Um... You see... Since I'm a new god, I don't have anywhere to stay in Olympus. I'm hoping that you have some advice for me." I smiled at him sheepishly. He laughed.

"You can stay here. You're always welcome. But if you don't want to, I suggest that you build your own palace." He said.

"Build my palace? Is that even allowed?"

"You could ask Hephaestus. Don't worry he'll be nice to you." I nodded at him.

"Thanks Poseidon. I'll see you around." He smiled and I flashed off to Olympus.

I appeared in the throne room. Good thing nobody was there. It was already nighttime and it was cold so I decided to go to the campfire in the middle of the room for warmth. When I got near it, I saw a girl about 13. When she saw me, she smiled.

"Hello Perseus." Her voice was warm. I racked my brain to remember her name. For sure she was a goddess. Then I got it.

"Hello Lady Hestia." I said.

"Sit down. You must be hungry." Only then did I realize how thirsty and hungry I was. She flicked her hand and in front of me appeared food. I looked at her. "Go ahead." She smiled. "It's okay. Just eat." I sat down beside her and smiled at her.

"Thank you Lady Hestia." Then I dug into the food.

"You must be really hungry." Hestia said. I looked at her and realized that I was eating like a pig.

"I'm sorry." I said with a sheepish smile.

"No, it's okay. You must have come here for a reason."

"It's just that I have no place to stay at. I just came from Atlantis, hoping to ask Hephaestus a favor." I said.

"Oh I see." She said thoughtfully. "I may have a room for you. Do you want to stay at my place?" She asked kindly. I smiled at her.

"Thank you for your kindness Lady Hestia but will it be okay with you?" I asked.

"Of course. But first will you be my champion?" This was the second time someone asked me to be their champion. Wow.

"Sure Lady Hestia." She smiled and touched my forehead with her palm and muttered a Greek incantation. I felt warmth seep through my body.

"Now you will have the ability to use fire and summon home cooked food." She smiled at me.

"Thank you Lady Hestia." Then I heard footsteps and I turned. My eyes widened.


Word Count: 1011 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: September 30, 2016
A/N: Hi guys! This chapter is just another kind of fill and sorry for the cliffhanger XD. Guys please vote and comment! Thanks!

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