Moving Places Part 23

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22nd September 2016 All Rights Reserved

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Neena's POV...

After coming home that time after finding out how used I was by Knox, I decided that staying there in that little place was now not an option. I couldn't stay where memories would keep coming up to remind me of how much of a fool I was.

So after talking to the Murrays about what i wanted I do but not exactly knowing how, they gave me some ideas to think about. But then there was another idea that came up into my mind as well that concerned them too.

The boys loved the older couple and would miss them terribly. So I asked them how they felt about moving with me.

I know it was alot for them to think about, but surprisingly, they quickly came to a decision and told me the next day after I came back that they wouldn't mind joining me wherever I went. I wondered if they realised how difficult that might be given their age which was well into their sixties.

But they just smiled and said that a change was as good as a holiday. Something i think we are all familiar with hearing every now and again.

Then we all sat around the tabe once the boys were down and thought about what the next step was that we needed taking.

So thinking about one of the obvious things that needed changing, I decided to sell the SUV and get a bus. That's what Judy called it when I turned up with the large people mover with a little larger trailer for sleeping in on the back.

There was enough for all of us to fit in it comfortably until we ended up with something more permanent.

So within a month of the last time that i saw Knox, we were all sold up with our furnishings that we couldn't take along with the Murrays selling what they didn't need either and then we were pulling out of town and heading west.

We didn't travel far that first day since it was all so different for us all. But after getting use to being on the road, we all decided to stop for a month or so in a little town a few hundred miles away from where we started from Jacksonville up in North Carolina.

We stopped in a town called Nicholasville, which was in Kentucky. It was a pretty little place to stop in not far from Lexington. They had craft markets and since I had brung some of my soaps, i decided to get a small stall and sell some of them just to top up our funds.

Judy had sewn some lovely terry towelling bags and crochered some bags as well so that my soaps would sit in them and compliment them as an accessory. She was nervous having a little stall beside mine, but once she relaxed and met a few people wo were nice enough to buy some of her little bags, she was all smiles.

Merv of course was given the job of keeping Matty occupied while we were at the markets for those few hours while we had little Ryan with us. It was a lovely little bit of time that Judy enjoyed spending that boosted her confidence in her 'old age' she said.

We didn't make all that much, but it was enough so that we didn't struggle for anything.

We stayed there for nearly three months before heading off again, travelling the road enjoying the sightseeing.

Of course we weren't perfect either. Some times we had a spat or two. But we soughted it all out though and it wasn't long before we were all smiling again. We had stopped in a little town up in Missouri called Rolla.

The Missouri University of Science and technology was there for one thing. It was another nice place and we stayed there for nearly six months. Of course I had to stop there.

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