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"Good morning, McKinley High!" blared Coach Sylvesters' voice through the P.A. "First of all, to those of you thoughtful enough to leave maternity gifts outside my office, both I and my unborn child thank you for your lackluster Cracker Barrel meat-and-cheese medleys, and I'm sure that my trash can will find them delicious."

We—Santana, Britt, Q and Finn— were sitting in French class copying down some vocabulary, until the teacher told us to shut up and stop working as the prom nominees were being announced.

"Now it's time to announce this year's Senior Prom Court nominees. Your choices for Prom King are:
Rick "The Stick" Nelson.
President Brittany S.Pierce."

Quinn and I gave each other unpromising looks.

"And also, Finn Hudson."

I turned to look at my brother and did a little applause. He murmed 'thanks' and took a bow.

"And now on to the category we all really care about: Prom Queen.
Olivia Hudson
Santana Lopez.
And Quinn Fabray.
Congratulations to all our nominees."

"You ready to lose?" I asked Santana, raising my brow.

"You're going down, bitch."


"Okay!" exclaimed Mr. Shue. "A big congrats to all our prom nominees!" We all got a round of applause. "But, hey, listen up. We are all winners, because Principal Figgins asked New Directions to sing again this year!"



Britt gave Mr.Shue a nod and she stood up and walked to the middle of the room.

"Alright. Brittney has an announcement."

"Hello, my fellow Americans," she started. "The theme for prom this year will be...dinosaurs!"

"What?" I whispered, so quietly only Blaine heard me. He gave a petrified look.

"Sheer genius," remarked Santana. I know she's my best friend, but sometimes, I wonder what's going on in that Latina head of hers.

"Thanks. I was inspired by the new girl Joe, who reminds me of a cavewoman. The refreshments will be berries, meat and rainwater," she continued. "As you are no doubt aware, the U.S elections are riddled with corruption. Therefore, to keep the prom elections completely aboveboard, I have appointed Santana, Quinn and Olivia to count the ballots."

"That's insane," commented Kurt.

"Shut it, Richard Simmons. Yes, Liv is my rock and Quinn my homegirl, does not mean I completely trust them," Santana snapped at him.

"We'll keep each other honest," agreed Quinn and I nodded.

"And last but not least, all hair gel has been banned from the prom."

"What?" whispered Blaine, in the same tone I did earlier. I laughed and patted him on the back.

"I'm actually not joking. Hair gel was not invented until almost 30 million years after the Upper Paleolithic Stone Age. And frankly, I don't like the way you look. Therefore, anyone who shows up to prom wearing hair gel will be turned away at the door. I hereby decree this to be the best prom ever!"

"Okay. Let's start thinking of dinosaur songs," Mr. Shue said awkwardly.


I strolled over to my locker after glee club. I opened my locker and looked at the pictures. There was one of me sitting with Artie. On the left, Santana and I were taking a selfie in our Halloween costumes. One of Finn and Kurt. Also, one of the whole glee club.

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