→ Chapter 38// reassuring phone calls

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"I still haven't figured out how to sit across from you, and not be madly in love with everything you do."
//William C.

Alexis Anderson Chance

"Am I getting fat?"

Cole peeked his head into the bathroom: shirtless only wearing his black basketball shorts. He shuffled towards me wrapping his large tan tattooed hands around my bare bulging stomach;
resting his chin on
the top of my head

Why am I so short?

"No. How many times do I have to tell you? The only thing fat on you is your ass." He mumbled kissing the mark on my neck

"Whatever lover boy, we really
need to go the store--"

Cole sighed instantly, "man I forgot you tell you: I moved training to 2pm today. Sorry I'm not able to come with you."

I shake my head at him, "it's fine,
I'll just bring Crystal."

He just furrowed his thick black brows at me, "Are you sure, I could cancel it today."

"No, training is important."

He just nodded his head,"your the best Luna. Hope you guys have fun, oh yeah Bryan and Wesley have to go with you guys."


"Incase anything happens, duh." He stated pulling on a white muscle tee over his head. I just nod agreeing with him, we walked out of the room; I was about to take the stairs but Cole stopped me.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?"His blue eyes widened his face growing red

"I'm taking the stairs."I glared at him crossing my arms across my chest

"What if you fall down and hurt the twins! We are taking the elevator." He ordered not even giving me a choice, he led me to the large elevator doors pressing the arrow pointing down. The grey doors open and we walk in.

"Why are you so strict?" I muttered leaning against the elevator door looking at him while he pressed the bottom floor

"That's how you get shit done and I don't want anything happen to my sons or my beautiful mate." He said sternly with a serious look on his face, determination
in his ocean eyes.

The doors ding and slowly open, Cole wrapped a protective arm over me and my grown bump.
"I'll mind-link the 3 stooges."

Most packs don't use mind-link as much, because lots of werewolves have phones
now obviously.

Three of them walked out the kitchen, each having a plate with a piece of cheesecake
laying on it.

That looks so good rn.

Crystal already knew what I was thinking because she gave me her plate. I thanked her before devouring the delicious
pastry in seconds.

Cole looked at his watch then kissing me on the lips, "Okay I have to go now, bye Alex."

He then bent down and kissed my pregnant belly, "Bye boys don't trouble your mother too much okay. Daddy loves you."

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