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Eilatan's POV

"We're here!! Its so beautiful!!" I squealed in Akoba's ear. He finally let me drive after numerous hours of begging, pleading, and finally when his exhaustion set in, he decided I could drive his baby.

"Omigod! Shut up! I'm sleeping." Akoba whinnied.

"Well fine then but I'm going into the hotel because its 12pm," I said, already halfway out of the door, "I'm taking my duffle's in you want me to bring you're duffle's in too?"






"Kai, Well I'm just going to leave your bags in the car because your acting like a two year old. Stop mumbling, get off your lazy ass, and get in the hotel." I said finally giving up on trying to understand his mumbling.

"Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Akoba screamed at me, scrambling out of the car and after me into the hotel, Desnx.

We walked into the hotel after Akoba grabbed his bags. We decided to get only one room because Akoba's sure Mullac won't be able to find us. We got a low cost, $100 per night, suit. Its nice, a mini kitchen, bathroom, a bed, a couch and a T.V.

"Lets watch a movie! How bout, ummm, Chucky?" Akoba asked excited now after we dumped our bags on the couch.

"How bout NO! Lets go get lunch and explore. Make some friends maybe?" I suggested to Akoba.

"Fine, but first we have to change our clothes seeing as we've been in them for a day and just over 6 hours. We need something cool because its really hot here." Akoba informed me.

Akoba started stripping down as I turned to grab a bathing suit and shorts. As I turned around to walk over to the washroom to get changed, so that we wouldn't see each other naked, I see to my surprise that Akoba is already almost completely naked except for his boxers. Wow.. He's got one extremely nice physic, a very lean and chiselled body. He has abs and is that a tattoo? It is, its of a tribal looking tattoo, its all along his lower back and stomach then goes up his chst and over hos shoulders and back down to hos lower back. His arms look so strong but I remember how a couple nights ago they were soft enough to be my pillow.  

"Umm, Eilatan?" Omigod! I was staring at his body... I'm so embarrassed.   

"I'm just so shocked that you thought you should strip down in the middle of the room." I said trying to cover for all the staring I'd been doing.. How long had I been staring at his amazingly perfect body?

"Uh huh, Well are you going to go get changed? And why do you have your bathing suit with you? He asked.

"Yea, I'm going to go into the bathroom now and you can um get changed into swim trunks. Kai? Oh and I thought we could go swimming after lunch and then meet the locals after dinner? I mean we don't  have to go swimming." I said still trying to act like I wasn't just staring at his body.

"No, I mean of course we can go swimming then meet the locals. Sounds great." Akoba said looking embarrassed, or am I just imagining things?

I walked into the bathroom turning the lights on. I turned on my heels and closed then locked the door. When I looked in the mirror I noticed that my cheeks were a light red colour. Omigod! I probably blushed so bad, and what if he noticed?! He probably noticed, wow, he probably doesn't even want to be around me right now.

"Get it together Eilatan!" I said sternly to myself through the mirror.

I stripped down and put on my purple polka dot bikini bottoms and top. Then I put a black pair of shorts over top on my bikini bottom. Now.. to wear a shirt or not? I'm going to go with no, I have to work on my tan. Don't I look cute!

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