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i paced back and forth as my mind ran wild with ideas to bring vengeance for my emotional state. the only thing i wanted hayes grier to feel was jealousy...envious...pain. my mind was devoted to it, but my heart knew it was wrong. my "crush" actually "crushed" my heart. now i know why they named it that. i kept conjuring ideas until something hit me. planning revenge on the guy wasn't the route to go. it was kassie who needed to be miserable. i rummaged through my closet, sorting through different outfits. i went with a royal blue romper with light blue accents, a matching flower crown, and white sandals. i braided my hair into two fish-tail braids and let one dangle over my shoulder. i slipped on my romper and my sandals then two, soft pounds sounded at my door.

"come in!" i yell as i placed the crown on my head.

Meghan crept in, dressed in a pink skater skirt, a "you're basic" shirt and powder pink pumps to top it off. Waves of golden brown hair cascaded over her shoulders  as her lips popped a pink tint with glimmers of glitter. she strutted in, popping her hips left to right. the most i tell you. she looked like she was going to break her hips.

"maya, oh my pink goddess, you , you, you look actually decent."

wow, thanks.

i faked a smile. she's still a pain in the butt. trust me, this is just an alliance, not a newfound friendship. i don't think i could deal with the queen bee everyday, she's such a brat, but she's a brat with an evil mind. "so what's the plan?" i questioned.

"there is no plan." she coated her lips with her mac, pink lipstick.

did i hear her correctly?

"i'm sorry. what did you say?"

she stood up and walked to my vanity. a pink, smooth pad gripped between her fingers, lightly dabbed with a cream powder. she brushed over her flourished cheeks. my eyes filled with a tint of anger, shock, i couldn't describe my reaction. her crow-ish laugh bubbled the room.

"oh, you're serious. there's no plan." she put away her compact and flung her hair back.

 "why did you think there was a plan?" she continued to chuckle. i was the idiot now, well at least i felt like it.

"i'm sorry, when someone usually say "there's a plan", there is actually a plan." i huffed in frustration. this was causing me a huge migraine. my hands were tempted to grab her tan neck and fling her around like a chicken. i spent hours imagining some really cool revenge that was spiraling in the mind of this brunette, but she was a letdown. someone take away this girl's convertible because she can't even come through in times of bullying. how can a bully not want to bully when they have the opportunity to bully?

"uhh, bottom-feeders. you miss. mckay have lots to learn." she pushed herself up from the vanity and strutted her way to the door as she swung her designer purse on her shoulder.

i just wasted this Friday night to go along side to be meghan's sidekick. i was officially the new gretchen. "coming?"


but that wasn't an option.

before the two lettered word could fall from my lips, i was lifted and dragged all the way to meghan's rover.

I did not expect this.

please do not pull me closer...

in the backseat of your rover...

everyone knows you can afford...

but you don't have a tattoo on your shoulder.

she tossed the keys to me. "you're driving."


i made to the school unharmed, i maybe ran over a cat but that's okay. I know what you're thinking. "aren't you like 12?"

well, you have to take risk.

don't do that kids.

i'm a bad influence.

fans stomped the bleachers in a chanting cheer as excitement filled the atmosphere. "do i look good? actually don't answer that. i know i look good." meghan blew a kiss at her reflection. i rolled my eyes at her conceited remark. "might as well be the evil queen." 

wait, she already was.

she snared at me then flung her hair. her signature move that gets more sickening each time. "maya!" a voice shouted. i spun around.


"hey maya."

and hayes?

their hands intertwined and their complexions clashed together. her faux smile dawned on me as hayes stared with an unreadable expression. "kassie, hayes!" i tried to say enthusiastically. she snuggled against hayes. her only goal was to piss me off and oh, was she winning. "you look...cute." her voice was high pitched, indicating her lie.

"i would compliment you but you look the same everyday." i laughed. the petty game was being played and my deck was loaded with shade. she laughed along and we ended with an "ahhh" like in the movies. there was an awkward silence. "did you come to see us win?" hayes say with a smile. real or not, it was still gorgeous.  "i only c-" i started until meghan's elbow poked my rib.

"yeah, sure." i shrugged my shoulders.

was that the right move? i looked up at meghan who lightly nodded her head in approval. "if you excuse her, we have to go grab a seat before the crowd. "adios." meghan waved her hand and hooked her arm with mine, pulling me towards the seats. "what was that?" i asked. let me remind you, i've never done this petty, shady type of thing so this is all sorts of new.

"you'll see hun, don't rush."

I was scared at what the night would bring, but I had a feeling that a big show was going to happen and we are not talking about the game here.


sorry for the slow update. I've been super busy and I just really needed to focus on school more. thanks for your guys' support. love you all!

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