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Today I get to meet a girl we may hire. I am trying to find Em so I can at least get a name. I see Em talking to someone. A girl. "Hey em"I said. "Adam. This is the girl"she smiled. I looked at the girl. I smiled. "Hi. I'm Blake"she smiled. "Adam"I said.

"I know"she laughed. "So you to go have a meeting. Come get me after. So me and you can go to lunch Blake"Em said. Blake nodded. I took her to the meeting room. We sat down. "Full name"I asked. "Blake Mia Holly"she smiled. "Age"I said "22"she smiled.

"Born"I asked. "In Stockton California. Then moved to Ripon"she said. "Allergic to anything "I asked. "Nothing that I know of"she said.

I nodded. "And dating anyone "I asked. She smiled. "No."she said. I smiled. "Free tonight "I smiled. "Yeah. But who's wondering. You or the paper"she asked. "Me"I said.

"I live with em"she said. "You got the job "I smiled. "I just said I lived with Em"she said. "Well you see. I'm afraid of Em. Her old office had pictures of everyone and she had a knife. "I said.

"I will see you tonight "she smiled. She left.

"So how was it"Em asked. "I got the job "I said. "Yeah. Let's go to lunch"She said. "I also have a date tonight "I said. She smiled. "You like him"she asked. I nodded.

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