48. Come To My Window

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At four in the morning, Jake threw pebbles at my window again until I flung it wide open, nearly shattering the decaying wooden frame with my enthusiasm. "Jake!"

"I'm coming up." He propped a ladder up on the side of the house.

"A ladder?" I laughed. "What in hell?"

He grinned. "I found it in the shed. Figured I'd save myself the trouble of climbing that tree."

"But that's not romantic!" Still, I leaned further out of the window because I couldn't help myself- I only wanted to get closer to him. "Anyway, don't bother, they're not even home. Come around to the front door, I'll be down in a second!"

But he'd already started climbing. "That'll take too long."

Jake landed on the roof with a cat-like grace and ran across it, like Batman.

I propped my chin in my hands and watched him. "Okay, now you're just showing off," I said dreamily.

I only had on a tank top and underwear, but why bother getting dressed? I knew what he was here for.

And I was A-okay with that.

He came barreling through the window just as I stepped back. Seconds later, he was inside my room, my jaw clutched in between his hands, his tongue in my mouth.

As soon as we came up for air, I grinned. "Did you see me?"

His smile was as loopy as mine. "Yeah, I saw you."

Nearly bouncing up and down in my giddiness, I fisted his collar, yanked his face down, and gave him a big sloppy kiss on the mouth. "Have you ever seen anything like that?"

He pressed his legs up against mine, grabbed me by the sides of my waist, and walked us backward toward the bed. "Never. Kiss me, Layla."

I kissed him hard enough for it to hurt my lips. "Was I amazing? Tell me I was amazing."

He laughed against my neck. "Layla, what did I tell you about asking me things when we're messing around?"

"I was amazing."

He grinned. "You know you were amazing. You don't need me to tell you that."

I sniffed at his collar. "Hey, you said you'd quit smoking."

"I did." He lifted his hand, palm down and showed me. It was trembling something fierce. "It's driving me insane- I half want to tell you to fuck off so I can go have a smoke."

He ignored the frown on my face and slid his hand up my shirt. "Anyway, the smell's still on my clothes because I came directly from the fairgrounds. "

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