Glad You Came (Liam Payne One Shot)

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*Ashlee's Pov*

"I hate her! I hate her!" I heard after someone busted through my room. I looked up from reading my magazine and saw a furious looking Liam Payne. I knew I shouldn't have given Liam my spare key. Liam tends to show up at my house whenever he wants. To my parents, he is like an extra family member. Liam and I grew up together considering we are next door neighbors. 

I sighed. I raised my eyebrow. "What happened this time?" Liam has been though "relationship" problems with this girl names Stacy. For the past few days, he's been coming to me for advice on what to do. 

"I caught her flirting with this random guy she just meet right in front of me," he vented. I shook my head. I keep telling him the same thing whenever he wants advice. To me, I think Stacy is cheating on him. "I think you should break up with her." 

"Why do you always say the same thing? I'm starting to think you don't like Stacy." Oh here we go again. 

"Liam, listen to me." I put down my magazine and sat up from my bed. Liam sat down next to me. "Tell me what Stacy has been doing for the past few days." 

He pondered for a few seconds and frowned. "Besides flirting with other guys, she hasn't been with me. Whenever I call her up for dates, she would always say she is busy." 

I swear sometimes Liam can be clueless. "Liam, have you ever thought that maybe she is cheating on you." 

"No. I know she wouldn't. I mean she is many things. But I know she wouldn't do that." Ughhh! Why is he so stubborn?

I rolled my eyes. I put my shoes on and grabbed my jacket. 

"What are you doing?" Liam said confusedly. 

"Taking you somewhere." Before Liam came here, I was on facebook. On my wall, Stacy updated her status that said: 

Goin to the mall with friends ;)

Which means she's probably with a guy. I grabbed Liam by the hand and told him to drive me to the mall. He questioned me several times on why he should bring him there. Guess who won the argument. Yup, me. 

After walking around the mall twice, I was starting to think she left. 

"Can we stop? I'm tired." Liam pouted. 

I sighed. "Let's go the food court." 

*Liam's Pov*

"Yes!" I took her by the hand and ran to the food court. 

"Hey! I thought you said you were tired." I rolled my eyes. 

I pull a seat out for her to sit on. She sat down and I took my seat. She smiled. "Thanks," she said with her angelic voice. Angelic? Where did that come from?

I bought her food. She insisted to pay, but I managed to pay for her myself. She pouted at me. It was cute. Cute? I shook my head. I promised myself to not think that.

A few years ago, I was starting to develop feelings for her. I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't help it. She is beautiful and it was hard for any guy to resist her. 

I was afraid that if I tell her my true feelings, it would break our friendship. So I promised myself to not think about this and move on. 

We talked for a while. I still haven't figured out why we are at the mall and walked around twice. But I pushed that thought aside when my hungry stomach was begging for food. I gobbled down my food before Ashlee even took her second bite. 

"Geez, you eat like your friend, Niall." I chuckled at that. 

"Sorry, I'm just hungry." 

She held up her spoon threateningly. I backed away slowly, making Ashlee laugh hysterically. 

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