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Chapter 1

6 years later...

Since then, I've been modeling. I've been in numerous commercials, flyers etc... And I this source of income is way more reliable then my previous.

"SAAAAAAM!" called Jake.


"It's Leanne." he called back running in with the phone, I was sitting inside his office, browsing the internet. Leanne was my manager and she was amazing. I usually had a job every two weeks or so which would rake in about $200 each time, which I would pay Leanne 25%, and Jake 10%, just for letting me hang around at My Treasures and take my phone calls. Then my food cost which would cost about $20+ every week. With the extra I would usually buy some new essentials. Like a new toothbrush, some new socks etc...

"Thanks, Jake." I took the phone and said, "Hey, Leanne. Got any new jobs for me?"

"Tots, hun. Actually I have 3 jobs for you. You are getting well known, girl and soon you should give me a raise for what I do for you!!!" she joked.

"Oh sure, Leanne, you know I've got eons and eons to throw away." I teased.

"Hahaha! Well, I've got one for you for Kmart-"


"I don't think you have a choice, my dear. So, Kmart, Sears-"

"Ugh, no thanks."

"Yes thanks and the last one which you'll get a kick out of is..... Build-a-Bear." she said.

"Are you freakin' kidding me??? What does stupid Build-a-Bear want with a model!!!" I shrieked into the phone.

"I seriously don't know hun. I'm sorry. But, Build-a-Bear is giving you $450, if you want it..."

"What??? Did you say $450???? Oh my god! That's amazing thanks soooooooooooooo much, Leanne. You're the best!!!"

"Oh you're welcome."

"Thank you!!!! So, are they commercials, ads, flyers or what?"

"Well, Kmart is a commercial, Sears is a flyer and Build-a-Bear is a 2 min long commercial."

"OMG, that is a loooooooooooooooonnnnnng commercial."

"Yup, but you get $450!!!"


"When's the first shoot?"

"Um......" I heard her clicking into her keyboard. "Sears is first, its on the uh... 5th. Then Kmart on the 7th. And last.... Build-a-Bear is on the 12th."

"Okay.... and today's the 2nd?"

"Ya..... oh I'll make an itenary for you and send it to your email, 'kay?" she said.

"Ya, sure. Thanks again, Leanne."

"Your welcome hun. You know that its just my job to do this for you."


"Bye." I heard the click on the other end and took that as a signal for me to hang up too. I put the phone down and hastily typed in gmail to check my email and see if Leanne had that itenary she promised yet.

(14) Inbox

I clicked the Inbox button and saw that most of the emails were of some random companies telling me to buy this and that. Ugh I hate those. I deleted 10 emails just from the random companies and saw that three of them were facebook notifications. It said, Jake Greenfield has commented on your photo. Tia Sumer has accepted your friend request and Hattie Presley has commented on your status. Ugh, delete, delete and delete. The last one was from Leanne with my itenary. I opened it.