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Gideon | Carys

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Gideon | Carys

Man, I didn't know that girls could hold grudges for more than two weeks.

Is that another generalisation you put on me and the rest of the female population?

No. It was simply a comment strategically written to make you talk to me.


Don't leave again. I missed talking to you, as strange as that is.

You missed me? That's a first because every time I try to talk to you at school, you ignore me.

Well maybe if you told me who you were, I would pay more attention to you.

But that would defeat the purpose of being anonymous. And also, you're not meant to pay special attention to people simply because they are suddenly worth your attention.

But I have a reputation to keep.

Well so far, that's only for the 'popular' side of the cafeteria. You have a pretty shitty reputation elsewhere.

So I'm guessing you're not in the crowd I'm mixed up in?

Guess all you want. I won't tell you.

You're going to have to when I show up to school with a bouquet of roses asking for someone I call Cupid.

Not really.

Oh come on, Cupid. Not even one clue?

Nope. Not until we graduate.

You'll only give me clue when we graduate? I thought you were going to stand up and scream "I WAS CUPID'S ARROW. SUCK THAT, SUCKERS!" and then walk out dramatically.

I'm not that extreme. The most I would do is probably whisper it in your ear like a creep just to see your reaction.

Wow. I feel so special here.

So you should be.

It's hopeless arguing with you.

Why? Because you always give up or lose?

No. Because you would probably beat my ass at school and I'd still not know who you were.

Did you just admit that I'm better than you?

Now you're pushing it, but yes. Anything to keep you happy and make you still talk to me.

Oh right. Because of Lydia.

Sure. Lets go with that.

Like I said. I won't be helping you until you find someone who isn't taken.

Well then I guess we'll be talking for a very long time then, Cupid.

Hooray! Aren't I lucky?

Yeah. You are. You don't know how many people I'm putting on hold for you.

Aww. Isn't that a sweet gesture? It must be tough refusing to talk to your non-existent friends.

Well, they aren't the best friends but they are the only people who sort of get me in this place we call home.

That would have almost sounded smart if it wasn't written by you.

... I'm just being nice to you and this is what you say to me?

At least I didn't threaten you with anything.

Great. Love it when people don't threaten me with things I didn't do.

If only you know what I had over you.


Wouldn't you like to find out? But then again, you have something over me too and it's something that could probably break.

Wait. Did you just leave again?
Oh come on, Cupid.

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