older brothers gone

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Naruto's POV

I woke up at night from a night mare  and looked to the side of me only to see that kyuubi was missing I didn't know were he is as I started wimpering and looked at the other side of the room "menma......MENMA" I yelled wanting to wake him up which worked as he jumped up and looked around before making eye contact with me "Naruto what's wrong with you" menma growled while rubbing his head, I think I gave him a headache oops hehe.

"Kyu is missing" I said as my twin looked surprised but soon rolled hid eyes "he'll be back I'm sure of it" he says "but Kyu never leaves me until I wake up" I said with a worried tone the door soon opened to reveal a very ticked off shirtless sasuke as I started blushing "s-sasuke" I squeaked "what's going on in here with all the yelling" sasuke growled "Naruto is just, freaking out cause kyuubi is missing" menma says crossing his arms.

Soon the two looked at me though sasuke exspretion turned into one of consern while menma just looked at me with his same 'I'll kill you if you wake me up again look' so I just rolled my eyes not caring "don't worry itachi disappeared two but you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night" sasuke says as I just rubbed the back of my head embarrassed.

"Hehe....sorry" I said "I'll sleep you you tonight ok" sasuke says "sweet sleep over" sasukie says literally popping out of no where as I freaked screamed a 'manly' scream and fell off the bed at the same time I think I woke up the campus right now great and I'm stuck on the floor double great can this night get even better.

"I heard screaming what happened" the camp leader says bursting into the room holy cow I'm not gonna make it to night "are you ok" someone says as I screamed another 'manly' scream as I looked at shino.

"What's wrong" someone says as I saw the pink monster Sakura ok she didn't pop out of nowhere but I did scream though this time a very 'fake' one though it sort of sounded real.

The thing is Sakura wasn't wearing anything she was only in her underwear and a freaking house coat.

"Guys stop that before you give Naruto a heart attack sasukie just decided to play a prank and he scared these two" sasuke says though kinda saving me from humiliation thanks my black raven.

"Well there is no point on screaming bloody murder" the camping leader says shaking her head and leave.

Sakura was gawking over sasuke  MY sasuke oooooooooooh!

I wanna kill her "hi sasuke-kun" she says as sasuke looked at her and rolled hid eyes "night Sakura" sasuke says pushing her out.

I looked over at menma and he wasn't there so I'm sitting alone in the dark by myself can't get off the floor and straight out terrified cause of how much of an easy target right now.

Soon while I was curled up in a broken ball on the floor I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and pick me up placing me softly on the bed "it's I'm here now" someone whispered as I looked behind me seeing sasuke causing me to smile and snuggle up to him.

Next morning I woke up and saw sasuke was looking right at me with a soft smile a smile that he only gave to me and me only "morning naru" he says kissing my nose "morning sasuke" I said happily.

Wagging my nine tails soon he petted me and I purred than while he got out the bed he walked out the room "ill be right back let me just get dressed" he says leaving me by myself as I just nodded and curled up in the blankets happily smiling to myself but I felt someone watching me so I just looked up secretly and saw it was Sakura she climbed threw the window of me and menma's windowlandimg on the ground with a soft thud as my ear twitched lightly under the blanket and I curled my tails around me to seem like I was curled in a ball, and pretend to be asleep when I actually wasn't at all I was wide awake.

She walked around the room looking threw drawers and other things at least in keep things that I wanna keep secret to myself yay.

She soon turned to me I quickly closed my eyes fake sleeping only making a small mumble everything now and then until she poked me on the so I just made a small grumble but she kept doing it until I opened my eyes "hmm" I hum lazily as she looked at me and I freaking jumped back not really I just placed the blanket back in my face, she's to close like way to close.

She's so close I thought I saw a freaking beard on her face and that was pink what in the world!

"Oh you shut up ideot" she says pulling the covers off me so I hid my ninetails in the large shirt I was wearing it was kyuubis shirt and he allowed me to sleep in it he smelled like cherries hehe.

"What do you want" I said looking at her and lowered my ears down and sasuke seemed to be better at hiding his ears in tail cause last night since it was dark it was fine to show off cause they blended in with the dark well all except mine that sucked.

"Hey listen to me naruto.........OK so I have something to pick with you" she growled as I titled my head confused I did absolutely nothing to get her like this "no I want you to stay away from my sasuke  so back off" she says alright that's it I'm done I'm freaking done "your sasuke ok then"....


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