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Jimins felt his stomach clench and turned around, letting go of his hoodie so it covered his back again.
But it was too late. The expression of the man showed him that he saw it.
Jimins tried to wipe away his tears but new ones came.
The man stared at him for a few seconds, frozen. Jimin thought he was looking at him like that because he was disgusted. A boy wearing a skirt, what a shame.
But the man hadn't even noticed the skirt.
Yoongi was thinking about something completely different.
He stared at the boy because he was beautiful. 
His hair was wavy and looked extremely soft.
His cheeks were chubby and he was very small. He had childlike features and his eyes were the most innocent Yoongi had ever seen.
The older was  really confused. He was actually about to ask what the boy was doing here, but he saw the blood on the boys back.
Also the tears that were running down his face made Yoongi uncomfortable.
He felt like hugging the boy, telling him to stop , that everything would be fine, but he didn't even know the boys name.

"You're bleeding, let me see" he said instead. It sounded a bit harsh, but just because Yoongi was worried. He was bad in expressing his emotions.

The boy sniffed, tugged the sleeves  over his palms and stared at the floor. But he didn't answered. He just shook his head slightly, his face turning a darker shade of red. He was so defenceless and fragile, it made Yoongi feel like he should protect him.

"Don't worry, I'll be careful" Yoongi said, softer this time.
The boy looked up.
He thought for a few seconds and then accepted that this was the best option he had.
He turned around and raised his hoodie.
The man gasped.
Jimin closed his eyes, he was so embarrassed that he wished he was dead.
He'd always been very insecure about his appearance and had low self-esteem.Including his major trust issues. So showing so much skin to a stranger, was worse than the fact that he had a pin stuck in his back while wearing his sisters skirt.
"Can I-" the man asked.
Jimin knew what he ment so he just nodded.
He felt the hands on his sensitive skin around the area the pin pocked him.
For some reason Jimin expected himself to feel that weird feeling he always had when people touched him. But the warm skin of the man's hands felt kinda good, almost natural.
"Can you lift the hoodie a bit more, so I've better access ?"he heard the deep voice say.
Jimin tried but the fabric kept slipping out of his grip. Maybe because he was so nervous that he couldn't coordinate his fingers.
The man let out a sigh and decided to do it himself.
He lifted the fabric over the boys back and pulled it over his head so it won't slip. But he covered Jimin face with it. He shivering as he felt the cold air against his skin. His back just as his front side were exposed now and it made him extremely uncomfortable.
"This might hurt a bit" the deep voice whispered.
Jimin whimpered in pain as Yoongi removed the pin. The skirt immediately slide down until it met Jimins hips.
Again Jimin felt humiliated.
Because this was the moment Yoongi noticed the skirt and touched the soft fabric with his hands.
It would be stupid of him to ask why he was wearing this.
Yoongi suspected that there was no answer.
To ask the boy why he was hiding it would be another stupid question. It was obvious.
Yoongi focused on the boys bruise again.
It wasn't that horrible as he expected . The wound wasn't that big, it was just bleeding like hell.
The blood was slowly running down Jimins spine.
"Oh god , wait I'll get something to clean this up, don't move or you'll have blood all over you hoodie"

Jimin froze.
The blood on his back was tickling, now that the pain wasn't that bad.
But it was hard to breath with the thick fabric over his head. He still felt naked and exposed. If someone walks in and saw him like that... he couldn't do anything about it.
This whole situation was so fucked up.

After a while Yoongi came back and cleaned the boys wound before putting a patch on it.
Yoongi pulled the hoodie back into it's normal position and turned the boy around.
"Does it still hurt?"

"A bit" the boy said. His voice was high and had that innocent undertone in it. His cheeks were red and his hair a complete mess.
Yoongi bend down a bit to be at Jimins height and gave him a small smile.
"What's your name,kid?"
It took Jimin a while to answer, he was busy staring into Yoongis eyes.
He stepped back to get the full view of the older.

"Jimin" he finally said after torturing the man with his pure innocent gaze.
Yoongi nodded slowly.
"That's a beautiful name"

Jimin looked to the ground fumbling on the hem of his sweater.
He puffed out a little 'thank you'.
The skirt was still hanging at his hips.
So Yoongi kneeled in front of the boy tugged on it's ends to pull it down.
Jimin stared at him from above. Shocked about the bald action.
Yoongi just smiled. He had a very kind smile. He smiled rarely. But he wanted this boy to trust him, so he had to.
"I'll try to wash the blood off, you can come back in a few days maybe and pick it up? Wait, what are you doing here anyway-"

"My mom and my sister are upstairs , picking out a doll. I have to go up again or they'll ask questions, or Jisun will yell at me and say that I ruined this special day for her. The first step in becoming a woman-"

Yoongi noticed the  jealousy in this sentence.
"You want one too, am I right?"

"What?" Jimin looked at him, confused. His widened eyes just made him look even cuter.

"A doll, you want one. You want the whole thing, the doll, the dress, the family gathering"

Jimins expression changed from confused, to perplex , to thoughtful.
He had such an intense stare when he was thinking , it made Yoongi uncomfortable but he never broke the eye contact.

"Yeah, you're right"

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