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INDIANA JONES WAS UNSURE of how long as had been in Neverland upon arrival. Her estimate was roughly a few hours, but if she had been there for such a long time, then why did the island feel so abandoned? Surely, one of the Lost Boys would have at least stumbled upon her, or she would at least hear the usual battle cries that came from them.

Wouldn't Peter Pan have appeared before her?

Though they had a rough departure, she was sure he still loved her. Did something happen during the time she was gone?

She wondered what was going on in Storybrooke. Now that Indiana was in Neverland with no possible way of communicating or returning home, the brunette was rather confused as to what she would do now. Was she supposed to go find Peter? The Lost Boys? Beg for his forgiveness? Beg for him to send her back?

No—she couldn't.

What a lot of people didn't know was that Indiana Jones was scared to see him again. Or maybe they did and she simply didn't notice. Either way, she was scared to see the love of her life again. For all she knew, he probably didn't want to see her either for whatever reason.

Something felt... unusual about Neverland. Indiana couldn't put her finger on it. It looked the same. It smelt the same. The rich soil felt the same. Even the taste of the salty air was the same.

So why did things feel so different?

It was almost like the magic was being sucked right out of the atmosphere.

For now, Indiana would simply have to come up with her own plan to return home. Perhaps her friends from Storybrooke would find her? Maybe Killian would?

That was unlikely.



Killian Jones furrowed his eyebrows together as he stood beside the wheel of his ship. It turned rapidly, indicating that the ship was moving at quick speeds to get to Neverland as soon as possible. Suddenly, he stuck his hook out, catching the wheel, stopping it.

"Why are you slowing down?" Regina instantaneously questioned. "In case you didn't know, my son's life is in danger."

"Oh, I know, my hotheaded Queen," Killian taunted. "My plan is to bring us to the far side of the island, link up with the widest part of the river, then we sail right through and take him by surprise." He paused and bitterly laughed. "The irony."

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