A/N: Okay so sorry if you don't like TOP I just chose them as the band because I like them and I know most of you do so yay :) F.Y.I: Y/Y/N is your youtube name.

You woke up at around 11:30 and saw you had a message from Dan.

Dan: Hey Y/N?

You: Yeah?

Dan: I have a surprise for you ;)

You: Ohh, what is it?

Dan: You'll just have to find out, be here at 1

You: K, should I be scared?

Dan: Very ;) 

You got up a few minutes later and got dressed. You decided to wear your favorite pair of black skinny jeans with your TOP shirt and a beanie. Then you went to go grab some breakfast and you were off. In London the traffic was terrible so it took roughly 10 minutes to reach Dan because of the idiots on the road.

"Hey! I'm here!" You called out through the house.

"Oh! Coming!" You heard Dan yell from upstairs.

  "Hey." You smiled as you saw Dan run down the stairs.

"Hey, so are you ready?" Dan smirked.

"Ready for what?" You asked.

"Only the Twenty One Pilots concert that I bought tickets for." Dan casually said. He must have known how much you liked them!!

"WHAT?!" You asked excitedly.

"Yup, now come one or we'll be late." He said as he put his arm around you and walked out the door.

"But, but how?" You question while still partially in shock from the fact you would get to see real Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. This was incredible!

"Big fans of YouTube I guess, they couldn't wait to hear that Danisnotonfire and Y/Y/N were coming to their concert." Dan smiled.

"Y-you mean to say they know who we are?" You asked in disbelief that they knew you. 

"Yup." He smirked.

It was about an hour ride to the concert. When you walked in you discovered that Dan had managed front row seats. It was even better when you discovered that your seats each had one note card in them. Yours said "This seat is reserved for Y/Y/N" In Tyler's handwriting and Dan's said "This seat is reserved for Danisnotonfire." In Josh's handwriting. Lets just say you fangirled a bit too much over the cards. 

"Dan you are truly the best boyfriend on this planet." You commented right before the show started.

"Why thank you, you're not too bad yourself." He grinned and wrapped his arm around you.

The show was amazing, they played all your favorite songs and you felt like you were close enough to touch them. Once the show was done you even got pictures taken with them and got your shoes signed by each one of them.

"So did you like it?" Dan asked as you got in the car.

"Uh, yeah! I got a hug from Tyler freaking Joseph and Josh Dun! And look at my shoes!!!" You exclaimed as you help up both your feet for him to see.

"Well I'm glad you liked it." He kissed you. A few minutes later while you were texting Zoe your phone buzzed, it said there was a tweet from Danisnotonfire.

Danisnotonfire: @tylerjoseph @joshdun thanks for giving us such an amazing show and making my girlfriend cry and smile at the same time, still confused by that.

"Wow Dan." You said as you read the tweet.

"What? You did cry." He laughed.

"Yeah but they were tears of joy!" You protested.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." He rolled his eyes playfully.

There was a surreal silence that was then broken by Dan's voice.

"I love you." Dan smiled.

"Love you more." 

"I seriously doubt that."

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