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Thalia and I left the house a few minutes after Percy and Annabeth,

"So where do you think we should start?" Thalia asked giving me a smile that had changed so much since I last saw her, Phoebe dying must've hit her hard. 

"We should start over by the lake and move outwards from there," I pointed towards the water a few meters from where we were standing, she nodded and started to walk through the thick grass, I followed her. I began to notice small things about this place, like how the grass is the colour of dried parchment and the air smells like coal. Like even the ground gave up on a happy ending.

"This place feels so empty," I said when we reached the lake, 

"Yeah, it feels like the camps but less... use to it... Camp half blood and Jupiter have felt empty for hundreds of years and this place... just hasn't," Thalia looked at the dull water and sighed maybe her time as a pine tree really did change her out look on Nature.

"Do you think that this place and our homes will ever feel whole again?" I knew I sounded like a child but Camp Jupiter is my home and maybe I just want it to feel that way, not like it's missing something or had to say goodbye to someone it couldn't let go. 

"I know that we are going to make this place whole again, that's what we're here for, as for the camps I think that all of us have had to say our final goodbyes too many times, how can we go back to something none of us knew?" I nodded and began to look for monster prints.

After scouting the area for a couple of hours we decided to head back, all we found was a rouge hell hound and a few woodland animals,

"Hey! Guys Cal made lunch!" Leo yelled out of the kitchen Window.

When we entered the kitchen as Mrs Weasley raced down the stairs, 

"Why didn't you say you were going to cook, I would've helped you," She asked as Calypso set the table, 

"Because that wouldn't be necessary, I cook all the time at home and Luna helped me, she just told Leo not to scream before he said her name." Mrs Weasley sat down at the table, obviously giving up. Why do we have that effect on people? 

"Guys!" Percy ran into the kitchen his face covered in dirt, 

"What happened!" Jason stood quickly, 

"Where Is Annabeth"

"Gone... she's gone,"

Hey, guys, I know this is short and that I haven't updated in like... Three Weeks?.... BUT I did have a reason, I was editing this story because I spelt Weasley wrong throughout the entire thing (smart right) so I'm really sorry and I hope you did like it also...

Who do think took Annabeth?

Here are Blue cookies for your awesomeness (::) (::) (::) (::)