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THE SAVIOR GLUMLY SAT on one of the steps of the staircase from within her shared apartment. She leaned into her father as he rubbed her arm sympathetically. "Emma..." David compassionately said to his daughter from within their apartment. "I'm so sorry."

"How..." Emma trailed off, staring at the ground. "How... am I gonna tell Henry? Indiana was his hero. She's been there for almost all of his life... And Neal..."

It was then when the sound of someone rapping his or her fist on the door was heard. Rather than waiting for someone to walk over and let the person in, the figure merely turned the doorknob his or herself and entered.

"You guys really should work on locking this thing regularly, you know," a familiar British voice called out.

David and Emma exchanged glances before getting up and walking toward the door. Standing there was Indiana Jones, who was acting as normal as ever. "Wh—What!? Anna—I mean, Indiana—I mean Anna—" Emma stuttered in shock.

"How are you here?" David asked cautiously.

Indiana raised an eyebrow. "Through the door...?" she trailed off in confusion. When they gave her a look, Indiana cracked a smile. "Come on, lighten up!" She sighed when their facial expressions didn't change. "You might want to sit back down for this."

They did as they were told and Indiana walked in front of them to explain.

"Well, when I was falling through the portal, I was thinking about how much I would miss my bed when I was dead because the most rational thing I could think of was that I was going to die. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on my bed in my apartment," Indiana explained. "I didn't know that would actually mean anything, but then it did and I was back here."

Emma and David were silent, taking it all in. Then, Emma looked up and asked, "Do you think...?"

"That Bae had the same idea? It's unlikely," Indiana opinionated, folding her arms over her chest with a somewhat solemn expression on her face. Emma frowned and stood up, walking over to the nearest couch and laying down on it, curling up in a ball.

Indiana looked to David, who motioned to follow him up the stairs. Once they arrived at the second floor of the apartment, they spotted Snow White and Regina Mills. Regina laid on a bed while Snow placed a cold rag on the woman's face.

Snow turned to see them, gasping when she saw her mentor. "Indie...? But I thought...?" Snow trailed off in surprise. "Oh, never mind that. I'm so sorry—"

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