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Metal covered his teeth, his hair a vibrant green. His skin appears as though it has been bleached or he hasn't seen the sun in years and tattoos cover his strong yet slim body.

"You're a lot like me darling, you have had your life messed up, I'm going to teach you to be more... Like you." His emerald eyes hold mine, captivating my mind.

"So beautiful." I mumble, still staring into his eyes. A smile crosses his features, eyes not moving. I just can't seem to look away and I don't want to. I can't help but reach up and stroke his cheek, its warm not what I was expecting. His gaze falters and he turns away. Instantly I crave it again, all I want is to look into his captivating gaze once more. My thoughts overwhelm me, his hand strikes my cheek but I smile through the pain. His touch was soft and oddly gentle despite the force behind him. A laugh bounces through the room and he cuts into my cheek. All I can do is laugh, the pain doesn't bother me. If anything I want him to him to continue cutting into me until there is nothing left of me. Frustration builds in his features, he screams and throws the knife across the room.

"Why aren't you scared?!" He screams, striking down on my stomach with his fist. Tears stream from my eyes and I throw up what small contents were left in my stomach.

"Harley!" Mr J yells storming from the room leaving me still strapped down and vomiting. Another person comes through the door but this time a girl.

"If you try anything I will beat you with my bat until you pass out a bloody mess on the floor!" She threatens. All I know about this new individual is her name is Harley. My eyes a blur with tears I can't see what she looks like. The tight feeling around my waist is released. My body is pulled from the bed and thrown to the ground. Quickly I feel hands clutch my wrists, metal traps me binding me to the wall. Slowly I feel myself fall until I am a heap on the floor. The fear of my situation finally kicks in.

'What are you doing with me?" My voice croaks and more tears fall.

"Why am I here?" I sob struggling against the chains keeping me attached to the wall. Harley sighs, I can finally see the is cleaning the mess of blood and vomit from the bed and floor.

"Not everything is about you!" She snaps throwing the cloth into the bucket. Water sloshes over the sides.

"Mr J is mine! You are just some pathetic teen, a temporary toy to him!" She yells striking me shoulder with her bat.

"Then what? Im some body you have to get rid of and clean the mess?" I laugh kicking my feet out trying to force her to the ground. Instead she pulls me. The chains cling at my wrists, their strong hold keeping me bound. I continue to laugh until she drops me, leaving my body to crash against the wall.

"Just you wait, toy!" She spits aggressively. The door slams as she exits, leaving me chained to a wall. My gown now a deep maroon of dried blood and my face stiff from all of the tears. Suddenly I find myself going back into a state of not caring. I have a feeling I will be in here for a while, I guess its time I start finding company in myself.

"Wish I may, wish I might." I hear myself start. How do I do or say things without realising.

"Find my one true love tonight." I feel as though I am in a trance and can't stop.

"Do you think that he could be you?" Noises fill the room but I ignore them, tilting my head back and closing my eyes I continue.

"If I pray really tight, get into a fake bar fight, while I'm walking down the avenue." Suddenly my hands drop to my side and I open my eyes to see the joker staring down at me laughing.

"Keep going or I will tie you up again."

"If I lay really quiet, I know that what I do isn't right, I can't stop what I love to do." I stare into his piercing eyes smiling as I sing. One make finger is pressed to my lips and I assume this means stop. Without realising what I have done until its too late I bite down, hard.

"Agh! You little shit!" He screams pulling away his hand and shaking it. Desperately he clutches for my wrists so I cross my arms behind my back, laughing in his face.

"You're a strange one." He grumbled leaving the room. I was expecting more of a struggle but instead he left me and for the first time I could explore the sensory deprecating room. The cold tiles on the walls and then expensive marble have a slightly different shade of white but they really did try. Impulsively I start to dance, my brain filling with the song Ride by Twenty One Pilots. I had nearly learnt the whole dance, one more lesson and I would be able to practise an entire routine in this boring place. I would have time to perfect it, by the time I get out of here I might just get a placing at a competition.

"Help me, i've been thinking too much, i've been thinking too much, help me." I mumble as I finish the song. I was going to become desperately thirsty in this place if I just keep dancing. In saying that I will probably stave to death and never get to competitions. The bed placed in the corner of the room was completely clean after harley had been in here but the blood covering my gown was beginning to flake off and make a mess. Luckily I still had underwear and a bra on. The room wasn't too cold so I feel like I should be fine. Finally deciding it would be better to be half naked that risk getting the bed messy again I peel the gown off and toss it towards the door, you never know someone might slip on it and I could make a dash for it. Exhausted I curl up on the bed and fall into a deep sleep.

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