Chapter 3

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A week passes Phil has already packed everything. Dan on the other hand has only got one set of clothes packed. They were setting off to the airport in an hour, meaning that's how long Daniel Howell had to pack two weeks worth of clothes plus toiletries!

"Dan are you almost ready the taxi for the airport will be here soon!" Phil yelled from the other room. Dan was in his room packing where as Phil was as on the sofa.

"Yeah!" Dan yelled back, when in reality he isn't almost ready, he has about six sets of clothes for two weeks packed. Phil walks in and looks at Dan and sighs.

"You said your nearly ready," Phil says and sighs. "Let me help," Phil smiles and starts to find clothes out for Dan.

"Phil, you don't have to," Dan protests holding Phil's arm and stops him. They stare into each other's eyes for a brief moment.

"We'll miss our flight if I don't help." Phil's voice is filled with determination. He has a slight smile on his face before  breaking their eye contact. Dan's hand drops and nods. "So what do you need?" Phil asks watching Dan walk over to his bed.

"Clothes and toiletries," Dan looks up to Phil from the bed. Dans brown eyes as bright as they can be. Phil looks down at Dan and smiles as he carries on packing.

A few minutes pass as Phil finishes packing Dan's suitcase.

"Now we really need to go before we miss our flight," Phil says standing up and pulling Dan's arm. "I really don't want to miss this flight I've always wanted to go to Japan!" Dan chuckles to himself as Phil pulls his arm and suitcases out of the apartment.

The taxi is waiting outside by the time they get both their suitcases out of the apartment.
"To Heathrow airport please," Phil tells the taxi driver with hope in his eyes and his voice. "We will make it," Phil leans over to Dan and whispers when the taxi starts.

"Phil how long are flights to Japan?" Dan questions looking out the window. The curiosity and concern fills his voice.

" Approximately  eleven hours and forty minutes." Phil quickly says turning to Dan.

ELEVEN HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES! I'M GOING TO DIE IT'S CONFIRMED!" Dan adds on now having a panic attack about the plane flight. Phil just nods with a smile. The rest of the taxi journey is then silence as Dan bites his nails and Phil just stares out the window.

They both arrive at the airport with five minutes till the flight leaves.
"Come on Dan we need to get going!" Phil mumbles loudly with panic in his voice, he starts to bolt across the airport dragging the suitcase and Dan behind him.

Lucky they board just in time. They are both seated next to each other. Dan is in the window seat and Phil is in the middle hoping not a crazy person sits next to him. For his luck the seat stays empty. Both Dan and Phil end up falling asleep.
Dan wakes with an hour left to the journey. Phil's head is rested on his shoulder with his lips slightly parted. "He's so peaceful." Dan silently mutters to himself stroking Phil's hair. Phil just grunts and groans in his sleep as Dan stokes his now messed up hair.

With thirty minutes left to the flight Phil wakes up his head still on Dan's shoulder. Dan is now on his laptop with a hot chocolate next to him. "Your so peaceful when you sleep," Dan admits when Phil moves his head. "It's amazing," he adds on.

"Can all passengers fasten their seat belts as the plane comes on for landing!" The air hostess calls from the speakers. Phil already had his seatbelt so Dan just does up his and puts his laptop away as they come in for landing.

Slowly they unboard the plane and grab their suitcases. "Welcome to Japan," Both Dan and Phil say in unison then laugh.

"Let the holiday begin," Dan adds on, before turning to Phil with a smile.

How did you like this chapter as I did it at night so it ain't the best but oh well :D the next chapter may take a while to come out as I'm trying to make it longer

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