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His calloused hands wandered over her skin, slowly and carefully, as if he was afraid she would break underneath his touch. His crystal blue eyes darted up dreamily, admiring the naked body he was currently putting his hands on.

"Just do something, Luke," She breathed out shakily, her hands fisting the white sheets tightly as he teasingly kissed her stomach.

"Hm," He hummed, a smirk not seeming to go unnoticed, "You're an eager little girl, aren't you?"

It had been the first time he had seen her so vulnerable, crumbling underneath his teasing touch. And he was loving every single second of it.

"Please," She whimpered, her hands now raking through his fluffy hair as he kissed her inner thigh, "J-just do something."

Luke liked the way she reacted to his touch, a small shiver seemed to make her shiver every time his hands moved over her bare and soft skin.

"You have to look at me baby girl, keep eye contact with me," He murmured as his fingers hooked themselves around the black material of her underwear, dragging them down her long legs.

And she did, her eyes locking with his own blue ones. Lust, admiration and a small hint of happiness went clear in his eyes, "Yes, like that."

Before she was able to answer him properly, Luke's tongue already came in contact with her heat. From her mouth fell a small groan, the intense feeling taking over her body at a rapid speed.

"Yes, moan for m-"

"Mr. Hemmings? Are you zoning out again?" A quiet but sweet voice interrupted him from his erotical thoughts, his eyes growing wide once he noticed his maid was the one who just called him. The maid that he just had sexual thoughts about.

"U-uh, I'm sorry," The tall and lanky blonde apologized, rubbing his eyes quickly before sitting up straight and clearing his throat, "You cleaned up great, thank you."

The smaller brown haired girl nodded shyly, smoothing out the black material of her skirt, "Thank you sir, I appreciate that." She politely told him, brushing a piece of hair behind her ear, the one that he saw falling from her bun before.

"I appreciate the work you do, like, a lot. With my busy schedule I hardly ever clean anything," Luke hummed with a small grin edging his face, nodding his head in satisfaction.

"Thank you sir," She smiled quickly before placing the bucket filled with water onto the counter, emptying it seconds later. "I'm almost done for today, would you mind if I leave right after I water the plants?"

Luke was taken aback by her politeness, he had never expected her to be so nice. Sure, she looked nice and cute, but looks could be deceiving. It just wasn't the case with Logan. She actually was nice and cute.

"No, that's fine," He confirmed, "Just leave whenever you're done with everything, you don't have to ask me if you're able to leave after you finish."

Logan nodded her head with a small and simple smile on her face, placing the bucket back into the cabinet before standing up straight. "Right. Thank you, sir."

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Logan left three hours ago, but had never left Luke's mind. She was gorgeous, phenomenal and in combination with her politeness and shyness, she over all just looked really cute.

And that outfit. A black tennis skirt that made her legs go on forever with a same colored turtle neck shirt with long sleeves, showing her curves because of the fabric covering her torso.

He only knew her full name, age and.. Well, that was about it. Apart from the fact that she had a boyfriend. That was all he knew, she was his employee and it would be inappropriate to know more than that.

Yeah right, and having sexual thoughts about her isn't inappropriate?

Luke rolled his eyes at his conscious, running his hands over his face in frustration because he had never felt this way about his employee before. She had only been working for him for a few couple of weeks, and yet she had already fazed him enough to leave him wander in his thoughts.

Normally, he would be angry, irritated and annoyed if someone was in his way of doing what he wanted to do, but with Logan, everything was different. He liked it when she made small talk with him, and he was also content with her asking him how she was doing. It was a sign of insecurity about not knowing if she did her work okay and that was kind of adorable in his eyes.

No matter what he would think or do, it was inappropriate anyway. She had a boyfriend named Collin, and sometimes spoke about him with all the love in her big and golden heart.

At first he thought it was cute, but after a week or two Luke started to get annoyed by Logan talking about her oh so loving boyfriend. He had never really known why it annoyed him until today. He was jealous.

He shouldn't be. Logan was happy with Collin and Collin should be happy with someone like Logan. Someone so pure, so beautiful and so lovely.

He had never met her boyfriend, although Luke was sure that he was this tall and masculine guy that went to work out every free second he had. Also, she talked about how beautiful his brown eyes were and how she he did these little things that made her fall in love more with him everyday.

Luke guessed Collin was one of those types every girl would drop her panties for. He guessed, because Logan was gorgeous and deserved someone from the same level.

Luke knew he was a no go to her, just because she was already together with someone else. Though, he wasn't gonna let her go that easy.

He had never found someone like Logan before, and he was willing to keep her to himself. No sharing.

C'mon Luke, don't you think that's a bit ironic? Consider the fact she's not even yours, she's Collin's.

Again, Luke ignored the annoying voice in his head as he sat down onto the couch. There had to be a way to detach her from her hunk of a boyfriend, right?

Luke, you're a sick fucker, don't do this. You'll break Logan's heart. You wouldn't want that, would you?

Luke didn't care, he could be the one to get all the pieces together, right?

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