Facts About Me !!!!!

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Well from the title you can tell what its going to be about. Most of Thea's are unknown by friends sooooo anyways Here we go (you to have say that Mario style XD ) 

1. I listen to music literally 24/7. its my life 

2. I am addicted to monster but been banned from it. :(

3.i don't swear never have i make up my own ask any of my friends.

4.I'm scared of the dark oh and rabbits i think they will rule the world later on 

5. I love spiders.most girls are scared but i think they are awesome :D

6.I am always hyper always even if i have had no sugar or anything! 

7. I think guys with long hair are a turn on ;p

8.I hate my knees being touched i will kill you if you do!!!

9.I use the words seriously and awesome too much XD 

10.If you don't know me i will be shy but as soon as i have talked to you i will be my normal hyper self 

11. i am seriously dirty minded!! see what i mean seriously DAMN IT !! 

12.i want snake bites and septum piercings

13.I have OCD with the coloured felt tips in school they have to be in order. everyone know and now passes me them when there not or i will  not speak the whole lesson.

14. My friends think i have a mental illness and made me do a test online.......it said i had early stages of Schizophrenia O.o

15. I use smilly faces too much but you probebly see that already :D

i will post more soon :p

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