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I've just got got tagged y'all!!!

Favorite color
My favorite color(s) are blue and green than black and purple. Like any colors that in these families.

Favorite song
  I don't really have a favorite song but the ones that I'm listening to the most are 'one dance' , 'work from home' and ' Linkin park'.

Favorite food
  Me being me, I eat everything that is food related. I Love Food.

Favorite sports
I playing basketball right now but I also play soccer, softball, and track and field.

Favorite movie(s)
I love The Maze Runner series, Harry Potter , Percy Jackson, and sports related movies that have a conflict or something.

Favorite show(s)
I LOVE Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Friends, Full House, and more but just don't want to write them down or your going to be reading a lot .

Favorite books
The maze runner series, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

Favorite drink
I love Dr.Pepper and got chocolate.

Favorite game
Twister and left4dead

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