[Requested] {Gundham x Reader x Souda} (Fluff)

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Requested by: @Kristi_PolarFox

Hi guys. It's me again! I'm not sure how I'm going to do a threesome but I'll try. So, wish me good luck guys! And also, this will be on the island, but there won't be any despair. They will just be stuck on the island with no killing.

Title: ??? (I have no inspiration)

Y/N- Your Name
L/N- Last Name

Y/N's POV:
My eyes darted from one friend to another as they both glared daggers at each other. We were all just hanging out at the 2nd island. I didn't know what went wrong in the first place!

"Souda-kun? Tanaka-kun?" I called to them, but they weren't listening. Tanaka snapped at Souda, "She wouldn't have liked you in the first place. Because she is the Dark Queen, she would obviously like me better."

"Well, she likes me even better because she knows that I actually care for her. You don't even do anything useful in your life!" Souda yelled at Tanaka. That's when I quickly dragged them both off to my cottage before anything got worse.

I say the both down on my bed for a talk. Since I just assumed that they were both talking about Sonia, I told them both calmly, "Look, I know you both like Sonia, but won't you both wake up? You guys both have a big rivalry and it needs to stop."

They both looked at each other, then laughed. Tanaka exclaimed boldly, "Since when did I ever mention that mortal?" Souda was cracking up while he said, "Yeah! I never talk about Sonia anymore!" Time seemed to freeze for me. 'What happened to the Tanaka that talked about 'Dark Queen, Sonia'?! And what about 'Miss Sonia'?!' I thought frantically.

       "W-What do you mean?!" I exclaimed. Souda and Tanaka smirked at me, then pulled me onto the bed along with them. I yelped and landed between them.

     "Seriously? You didn't know we were talking about you?" Souda laughed. Tanaka laughed as well. I huffed and sat up, "Well, if you both heard that I liked both of you equally, would you stop fighting?"

     They both looked at each other hesitantly after I asked that.

Me: I know, short story. I couldn't be helped though

Leon: *running from fangirls* RUNNING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!

Mondo: *riding his motorcycle*

Chihiro: *cosplaying*

Ishimaru: *helping Chihiro with costume*


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