49 | The Girl Who Never Stopped Running

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STUFFING HER HANDS INTO the warm pockets of her coat, Indiana Jones released a slow exhale, her breath visible due to the cold atmosphere. Her brown hair was pulled into a messy French braid, which was unusual for the girl. She typically kept her hair down or even in a ponytail on occasion.

Henry Mills silently sat beside her on a bench as they waited for the school bus to drive by. Henry was too occupied by listening to the teenager's rapid breathing to make conversation. Though her exterior remained calm and collected, Henry could tell something was wrong with Indiana. It was as if she was on alert, like a watchdog, like she was on the lookout for something.

Nonetheless, Henry chose not to prod her about the matter. He had known her long enough to know that Indiana preferred to be distracted from what was bothering her rather than delving in deeper about the matter. Therefore, the 11-year-old looked up at his Nanny and opened his mouth.

"You did something different to your hair," Henry noted. Indiana looked over at Henry with slightly furrowed eyebrows. He paused before smiling brightly at his Nanny. "I like it."



Indiana Jones rested her head on Peter Pan's lap, sighing peacefully as his fingers ran through her messy hair. They massaged her scalp as the faint song of the Lost Boys hollering at each other played throughout the air. She stared up at the night sky, the bright stars lighting up the sky.


He hummed in response.

"If I ever left Neverland, how would I return?" Indiana wondered with a soft voice. Peter looked down at her, confused as to why she would ask such a question. "I'm merely curious, considering I only arrived here because of the Alliga—" Indiana paused. "The Dark One."

Peter nodded slowly, failing to suppress a low chuckle. "It's easy. Look," Peter declared. Indiana carefully sat up and positioned herself beside him on the dirt ground. "Do you see that star?"

Snorting, Indiana replied with, "There are many stars, Peter."

"Do you see that star?" he repeated, this time pointing with his index finger. Following his gaze, her eyes stopped on it. It was the brightest star in the sky, just beside the Northern Star. "All you have to do is follow the second star to the right straight on 'till morning."

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