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The bathroom smelled like a perfume factory, with the scents of mimosa and lemon verbena blending to create the most intoxicating aroma. Lexi insisted they bathe together, her antidote to stress. Hades couldn't agree more, and as he stood in the tub letting the warm water soothe his feet, Lexi stepped away from the changing screen, wearing nothing but a crimson sash. It hung enticingly over her shoulder and right breast then wrapped loosely around her wrist, which she held in front of her womanhood. She glided closer, stopping next to the tub and assuming the pose that mimicked the statue currently residing in his dome room.

"I thought you might enjoy seeing your gift come to life." She captured him with her eyes, compelling him to reach out to her.

"You are my gift of life," he said as he brushed his fingers across her exposed breast, causing it to pucker under his touch.

Lexi released a breathy moan as she stepped even closer, lifting her hand to caress his temple. The gesture sent shivers downward where they bloomed in his groin, making him hard with desire. This is what she did to him, dismantled at the slightest touch, laying him bare, and it seemed the more she sated him the more he wanted. Leaning into his face, she kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue like she had been denied him for eons.

With her hand resting easily on his chest, Lexi let the sash fall to the floor and climbed into the tub. She fluttered her fingers downward, slowly, leisurely, until she reached his manhood. There she lingered, indulging herself in the strength of his desire, provoking him with her skilled touch. When he saw her tongue slide across her lips, he felt another shiver at the intent of her gesture. She was going to devour him.

Fingers still taunting, Lexi lowered to her knees and took him into her mouth. The way she pleasured him, first reverent and adoring then earnest and needy, had all his muscles flexing, and he dragged his fingers across her scalp, twisting through her hair as she loved him thoroughly. How had he lived before she offered him her body and soul?

"Oh, Lexi. You are the sweetest thing." Hades whispered his adulation as his willpower slipped away, bit by bit, until the pleasure had undone him, and with an exquisite shudder he allowed Lexi to take him over the edge.

Replete and sated, Hades pulled Lexi into his arms, worshiping her body with his hands. He floated them over the gentle curve of her back, continuing across her full behind where he dipped them between her legs. "How may I please you, my lady?"

"Don't stop what you're doing." Lexi pivoted her hips, abandoning herself to her own need as she pressed her full breasts against his chest. Gradually, her breaths quickened and her legs began to shake. She captured his lips, speaking against them. "I love you, Hades." A moment later, she was uttering an impassioned cry as she reached the chasm and dove in.

Hades continued to hold her as they lowered into the fragrant water, reclining into a comfortable embrace. He kissed her forehead while she traced circles over his belly, playing with the hair that led southward. Within moments, he was hard again, the insatiable ache returning as she coaxed him with her hand.

"I hate being away from you," she said. "But I always enjoy reuniting with you. I never imagined I would find someone who completed me like you do."

Her words stroked him as sensually her hand did, and he smiled as he offered his reply. "And I never knew I was incomplete until I met you."

With the speed of a wild cat, Lexi swung her leg over his lap and straddled him. "I need to feel you again. I hope you don't mind."

Her unexpected maneuver had Hades fumbling for a fitting response, and as she lowered onto him he rallied his voice before he was lost to her passion. "You never need to ask. And I will never mind."

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