A Blank Page

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©2012, Karen A. James

As I stare at the blank page and wonder what to write

Numerous thoughts flood into me, and all but start a fight

Begin with something witty to captivate the mind

Or of ill fated lovers, whose lives appear sublime

Speak of current affairs to show that I'm abreast

Oh, how about a virgin maid who Satan has now possessed

Conjure up a story of what's happened in the past

Hmm let's not go there, that well is way too vast

Animate a tale of a festive winter's scene

Just so many darn ideas, I think I may just scream

One more thought pops in my head, louder than the rest

Time old girl admit defeat, you've given it your best

Crest fallen I acknowledge a topic I could not choose

I'll try again another day, for this battle I will not lose

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