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Chapter Eight- In The Shadow Of Your Heart

“Okay so let’s start with the basics shall we?” Elijah asked as all of us, excluding Rupert and Dan, sat around the kitchen table. “What have the two of you discussed already?”

Elijah swiftly placed binders upon binders in front of us, crossing his hands gracefully on top of them. He smiled with flawless teeth, his eyes wide and excited; waiting for an answer.

Tom and I glanced at each other, before I answered. “Um…nothing”

Elijah’s lips puckered and he closed his eyes in a dramatic blank, obviously calming himself down, before opening them again with a less cheerful smile “Well that is what I am here for”

He flipped over one of the top binders and took out a note book and pencil. He flipped some pages and then leaned on his arms slightly over the table; I swear that if I looked under the table that his legs would be crossed. “Very Well then, do we at least have a date?”

Once again Tom and I looked at each other. It felt as if we were at school and the teacher was continuously calling on us knowing that we did not know the answer.

Tom cleared his throat “Well I was thinking along the lines of the sooner the better?” He looked at me, his eyes asking me if I was thinking on those lines or if I was on an entirely new page.

Elijah wrote something down then looked back up. “So around March then?”

Tom unsteadily said “I was thinking earlier…like January or February”

I couldn’t help but smile; I had always wanted a winter wedding.

“January or February?” Elijah asked shocked.

“Why so soon?” Julia asked, finally speaking from the side of Elijah.

“It just makes sense” Tom shrugged, continuously looking in my direction. “I mean we have been engaged since August” at this point his hand had encircled mine “We can’t do it from the end of spring into the summer, because I will be gone, we will be gone” He had looked at Emma, who was sitting next to me, “and I don’t want to wait a year to get married”

I had rested my chin on my unoccupied hand and angled myself to look at him more, thoroughly amused by his little defensive speech. That is until I noticed that everyone was staring in my direction, for my opinion.

I blushed embarrassed that I had gotten caught just staring at him. “I’ve always wanted a winter wedding, with snow falling lightly, just the fact of blending into white” I smiled, and looked down still slightly embarrassed about this whole situation that just seemed out of place and weird. Tom rubbed soothing circles in my palm.

When I looked up Elijah was smiling softly. “Winter it is then.” He brought out a calendar from another one of his white binders. “How about February ninth?”

Tom slid his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through his calendar; grinning as he placed his phone on the table faced down “That is perfect” Then he squeezed my hand lightly.

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