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“What are you doing” Mason asked me, amusedly.

“Finals are this week” I shouted, throwing my Chemistry study guide at him.

“Yeah, and?”

“What do you mean and? This is freak-out time!”

He leaned against my doorway and flipped through my Chemistry study guide. “What for?”

“Because it can make or break my grade!” I eyed him suspiciously. “How are you not freaking out?”

“Because finals aren’t that big of a deal.”

My jaw dropped. “WHAT?”

He chuckled. “I’ll leave you to your studying babe. Love you.”

I threw my Chemistry book at him as he walked out of the door, laughing to himself.

I poured myself over my Algebra 2 study guide, chewing my bottom lip.

“Hey honey, can I get you anything” Mary-Anne called from my doorway.

“Yeah, a back-up brain. There’s no way I’m gonna remember all of this.”

She chuckled. “I have faith in you Zoe. I’ll get Eileen to whip you up a batch of cookies. Just keep at it.”

“Thanks” I muttered, as I worked out yet another imaginary number problem. I couldn’t get it right. “Math is stupid” I shouted, throwing my pencil at the wall.

“No, you’re just stupid” Carson said, as he crutched by. He went to close my door.

“Walker! You’re in like the smart math class, right?”

He raised his eyebrows. “The smart math class?”

“Yeah, like Pre-Cal or something?”

He nodded. “Why?”

“Please, please, please help me. I’ll be your bestest friend in the whole wide world.”

He chuckled and came into my room. He stretched out across my bed and took my study guide from me.

“Imaginary numbers” he asked, picking up another pencil. “This is the easy stuff.”

“Shut up and help me Walker.”

He smiled and wrote out the next problem. He worked through it with me step-by-step.

I ran my fingers through my hair. “Wow.”

He laughed. “Do you get it yet?”

“Hang on, sit here while I try one by myself.”

He put his hands behind his head and let out a sigh, his six-pack rippling.

“Does it ever hurt” I asked, as I worked on the problem.


“Your leg.”

He smirked. “Yeah, it hurts.”

“Why don’t you use a wheelchair?”

“Because it’s a pain in the ass. I can take care of myself.”

I did another step of the problem. “So it’s the whole macho act thing?”

“Macho act thing?”

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