Chapter 17. Edited.

I hopped out of the car fast and stared walking.

''Wait up!'' she said only at the curb, Paisley stood with her hands on her hips laughing.

''Come on'', I said laughing but I was being impatient.

''Ugh'', She said walking fast but with a slight penguin hobble already.

I just laughed at her and walked at her pace beside her.

''Woooooo'', someone shouted from across my yard.

I looked over and there was Rose with all her friends there were playing some drinking game in the front garden.

Strange it was the first time I'd seen Rose is such a long time. She was still chubby with long pretty brown hair. She always had the prettiest eyes something I would sit in 3rd grade and stare at her and want her eyes, they were scorching. Rose turned and caught me staring at her she smiled and gave a small wave. I nodded in acknowledgment. Morganna wouldn't approve of me associating with Rose.

''Cameron'', Paisley said perking up beside me as we got nearer the house.

''No Way'', Cameron's shocked voice filled my ears.

''Paisley'', He said appearing in front of us. He jumped forward and gave her the most awkward hug ever. ''Your huge!'', He said looking at her belly.

''Hey'', She said scolding him. ''don't comment on my weight'', She said faking being offended.

''Secret handshake'', Cameron said waving his hands in the air.

It had been so long since Id seen their secret handshake. They took off into a complex sequence of claps and Hi-5's. When they were done they burst out into laughter.

''Kira'', Cameron said finally acknowledging my existence. He hugged me and ruffled my hair.

''Watch the hair'', I said smoothing it down.

''I hear Johnnies looking for you'', He said nudging me and laughing. Little did he know?

''Anyway we best get in'', Paisley said grabbing my arm. ''We will see you later'', She said pulling me.

''Me and you, Vodka shot contest'', Cameron said waving goodbye to me as Paisley pulled me.

''Awkward'', She said laughing as we broke through the front door.

The extremely loud music filled my ears. Oh course in total Paisley started dancing her way through the crowd.

''Beep Beep'', She said as she moved. People moved and dodged as Paisley appeared beside them, I the shock of seeing Paisley. ''Oh Tequila, oh how I miss you'', Paisley said slightly extending her arm towards a far away bottle and laughing.

''Paisley'', I said laughing.

''Old habits die hard'', She said continuing on her journey to the kitchen.

''You talk like you're an old lady'', I said slightly serious.

''We all have to grow up someday'', She said. I had a feeling this had a double meaning that I wasn't picking up on.

''Brandy'', She squealed and ran to her boyfriend. It had been what 2 hours at the most since she seen him. A little overkill if you ask me. She squeezed him tight and I don't know how she managed it with that belly.

''Hey Kira'', Brandy said coming over to hug me. He was always a little too touchy feely if you ask me.

''Hey Brandy'', I said as he hugged me with his creepy hands holding on longer than normal. I sighed and stood back.

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