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Ratchet's p.o.v

"There is no way we can fight the cons like this!" Bulkhead yelled as he started running around again. Bee dusted himself off from when he got me out of the way, "Thank you WheelJack." He nodded and made thumbs up, I gave a slight smile. "The cons are like this too!" Raf yelled as he gave us his laptop. There were the cons robbing a bank on the news. "Well, they are already at it. How do they even know that that is money or what it is used for...they even made the news in just one our!" Bulkhead yelled. I rolled my eyes, "Bulkhead!" He stopped and looked back at the laptop, I just sighed. Optimus rubbed his temple, "We must contact agent fowler."

Smokescreen started looking at himself, "How old are we?" Looking him over, it just came easily, "You would appear to be....16-17." I decided that I might as well let Optimus know. He is in his late 20's so I'd say 28."

I turned to Bulkhead, "Bulkhead is 22."
He was turning around in circles trying to look at himself, "WheelJack is....37-40." He smirked and leaned against the wall, "Arcee is...20 at the most." I said and she nodded. "Bumblebee.....your the same age as Smokescreen," I shook my head in annoyance as they both fist bumped.

"I'm in my...well 50's most likely." Bee silently laughed as Smokescreen laughed out loud, "What's so funny?" Smoky snorted, "you are so old you could be our grandpa!" That made everyone smirk and I blushed slightly, "I'm glad I'm not." They stopped and looked down I just rolled my eyes but, I did feel guilty after all they both don't know who there creators ...er...parents are.

"My stomach is making a weird noise!" Bulkhead screeched. I grumbled and snapped my head around, "would you knock it off!" "Your'e hungry," Miko said as she got out her phone. "What are you doing," I asked. "Ordering pizza! Duh." She said, like I was suppose to know.

Bumblebee's p.o.v

"Or how about we just take them to the mall. It's a better place to let them know more about human culture," Jack and he closed Miko's  phone, even Mrs. Darby smiled and nodded at that idea.

"Prime!" Came a voice from the elevator. "Oh hello Mrs.Darby." Fowlers voice went lower then higher, "Prime where in the pits are you?" He called again. I looked at the stairs to the catwalk and ran up them. Everybody looked at me then walked to the stairs. I jumped up the last one and landed on the floor. Fowler looked at me and is eyed went wide, "Who are you?" He  shoved the kids and Mrs.Darby behind him. He got out his gun and pointed the thing at me, loaded it, and put his finger on the trigger. I did the only thing I could and put my hands up in defense. I tried doing sighn language but he only glared. ''No agent fowler," Raf was saying but fowler cut in. "Quite Raf, I will take care of this," He yelled and fired the gun. 

Smokescreen's p.o.v

     As we heard shouting I ran. Optimus, Arcee, WheelJack, and well Ratchet too but Bulkhead tried. When we were only three steps away we heard a gun go off. "Bee," we shouted in surprise and when we got up there we saw Fowler surprised about something. We noticed Bee with the full chamber of shells in his hands while Fowler had the gun on the ground. He looked up and Bee dropped the thing, we all let out a sigh of relief and a confused Fowler to tell what had happened.

"Dang it Bumblebee don't do that again,0 Fowlers shock turned into his normal voice as he straightened his tie. Bee just shrugged and I hugged him.

"Don't you talk," Fowler asked. I pulled myself off of Bee and he started signing stuff he was saying, "I use what humans call sighn language." Fowler nodded, "Sorry team prime I have been real jumpy and I see you are having problems of your own just like the cons." Fowler fixed his suit.

"Those punks will get what's coming to them but we are gonna need to learn a few things," WheelJack frowned and we all nodded in agreement. "Well I can get vehicles that were your exact form before...this happened." He gestured as he looked at Optimus. "I don't know if you and Smokescreen are old enough," I looked down and sighed, "They can always ride with me." WheelJack said and he nodded, "I will get you two cars I believe you are capable."

I looked up, Smokescreen and I fist bumped. "Soldiers I need the bots's cars now," Fowler ordered through his walkie talkie as he went into the elevator. "They will be here in three minutes," He announced. We nodded and went down the catwalk, "Yay, I love the mall...well, I usually have my own fun in the mall." Miko said and the wreckers chuckled. "Here you go," Said a soldier as our cars pulled in and a soldier got out of each one. A army truck pulled up and they all hopped in, "Thank you," Raf waved.

"Alright let's go to the mall," Miko grinned with a devilish grin. "No playing around Miko, we are only going to learn down human..things," Ratchet grumbled.

We hopped in our cars. Arcee got on her motorcycle. Jack got in Smoky's car with him and Raf got in mine and Miko got in Bulkhead's. "We ready?!" Jack asked. "Ready," I sighned and he starred at me blankly. "He said ready," Bulkhead confirmed. Jack nodded and we started our cars and drove out of base.

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