Part 9 Let The Chase Begin Baby...

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THE WINDOWS ARE DOWN AND THE MUSIC IS CRANKED. My car thumps with a bass that obnoxiously vibrates the framing.

"Finally," I shout out the window like a crazy teenager. Finally, Saturday is here. Fuck, this was a hard week. Freddy and I avoided each other like the plague. We did not speak at all except for his menial demands and questions via Outlook and even then, the exchanges between us were weird, awkward and just plain horrible. One e-mail in particular, he actually asked for something then changed his mind because he realized Peggy could do it. In fact, most everything he asked of me was something Peggy knew the answer to, which put into question whether he ever had any faith in me as an A&R Rep. I also could not sleep this week. I missed Freddy calling me into his office and taking me into his arms. I missed his smell. The only thing to give me hope I might survive this breakup without running back on my hands and knees was Modeus.

My approach to the club shocks me out of my Freddy moment like a cold bucket of water over my head. The sheer volume of drop-dead gorgeous women surrounding the club is more than I was expecting.

A young valet guy with a short rocked out hair that has seen me a hundred times, but always with Freddy, opens my door and helps me out of the car. "Good evening Brenda. Good to see you."

I nod and take a giant gaze at the aggressive looking line of women trickling down the side streets. "You didn't open the doors yet?"

"We opened the doors. These ladies are waiting for people inside to leave."

I take another glance. "Oh, my God."

"Yeah," he says. "It's absolute insanity. Be careful in there."

I nod my head and cautiously walk up to the entrance. I pull out my OC badge purely because I think it will save me from getting my ass kicked and flash it at the doorman, Chuck.

Chuck is a short stocky ex-UFC fighter. He is handsome as hell with his brown thick hair and green eyes. He has seen me here dozens of times with Freddy, but never on my own. "What no Freddy tonight? Is hell freezing over?"

"Oh, it's frozen alright. I'm going this one on my own."

"Forgive me for saying this, but you look even better without him."

I gently stroke the side of Chuck's arm. "I forgive you. Now, what's the deal with the women down the street? I'm starting to think I need a lot more than this badge to get in."

Chuck gazes at the boisterous crowd of women. "Modeus is a pussy magnet of another kind."

"Yeah, I can see that."

"These women are vicious. We've thrown dozens out for fighting and that was just in the first hour."

"You're singing money to me, Chuck."

"I know. I know. Okay, hold on." Chuck raises his hand to his earpiece. "I have Brenda Summers here from OC. Roger that. Okay." He puts his hand down and walks me to the side. "Mike's coming up. So, out of curiosity, why you here alone? I haven't seen you without old Undead Fred for a while."

"This one is mine."

"Good for you. You need anything, let me know," Chuck winks. "Good luck."

Mike pops through the entrance like a superhero and smiles. He is taller than Chuck and just as muscular. He is also an ex UFC fighter, but a bit harder looking with his cauliflower ears and healed over broken nose. "Hey, Brenda. Take my hand and don't let go."

I grab Mike's hand and through the doors we go.

To say this place is packed would be an understatement. The stage is not visible.

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