Nick Sheppard was awakened from his slumber not by classic rock or an oddly vocalized beep, but by a violent shaking of the world around him. Before his eyes could focus, his mind was already trying to make sense of the sounds of small items tumbling to the floor, underscored by a constant low rumbling drone.

Through the cacophony of sounds a single voice faded into recognition.

"Lieutenant Commander, get up!"

As the rumbling continued, the room finally came into focus as Nick looked up and saw the silhouette of Commander Kennedy standing in the doorway. Her arms spanned the doorway as she used the frame for support.

"Sheppard, wake UP!", she shouted. "Earthquake."

Nick quickly stumbled out of the tiny bed. His drowsiness combined with the disorientation of the unstable ground sent him crashing to a nearby wall with, hitting his head with a solid thud.

"Ouch. Where's the doc?", he asked, struggling to right himself.

"I don't know.", Jordan admitted. "Not in the lab."

"Syndi.", Nick called out. "Where's Doctor Marshall?"

The holographic head instantly appeared on a nearby console, "Doctor Marshall is currently asleep in his quarters." She appeared completely unfazed by all the shaking.

"Oh now he sleeps.", Nick quipped.

With a lunge, Nick shoved himself toward the open doorway and Jordan.

"We've got to get to the doc.", he said as he maneuvered his way past the commander.

"Actually,", Jordan started, "we should probably find some cov..."

"Come on.", Nick said, cutting her off, as he grabbed Jordan's hand and began to lead her with a jerk into the hallway.

The two quickly stammered their way into the moon pool chamber, with Nick more pulling Jordan than supporting her. The low rumbling sound was combined with the frenzied sound of splashing waves from the pool. It was as if the ocean water itself had come to life and was trying to escape the pool.

Commander Kennedy came to an abrupt stop, and yanked her hand free of Nick's grasp.

"I can walk just fine all by myself.", she said sharply. Though, if she had to admit it, it was taking substantial effort to keep herself upright on the ever-shifting floor.

Then, as if on cue, there was a more dramatic shudder which sent her falling forward.

Nick caught her in his arms, but Jordan was quick to regain her footing as she pushed away from the Lieutenant Commander and returned to her feet.

"Clearly.", Nick said with a smirk.

"Let's just make sure the doctor is ok.", Jordan replied as she quickly walked past Nick, hoping that he didn't notice the redness she felt rushing to her face and doing her best to make sure she didn't lose her footing again.

"After you.", Nick quipped with a subtle wave of his hand.

The habitat continued to shimmy as the door to Doctor Marshall's quarters rolled open.

The only light in the room leaked in from the passageway, leaving much of the quarters in darkness.

"Doc!", Nick shouted as he nudged his way past Jordan in the doorway. "Wake up!"

Rattling could be heard from various items hanging on the walls or on table surfaces as the tremors continued, but there was no response from the doctor.

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