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It was a Friday night and you were never so bored before. You had just moved out of your parent's house and moved into this apartment. You never had felt so..... lonely. You sighed and brushed your ( hc) hair out of the way.
You went into your new room and looked out the window until something caught your eye. A person maybe around 18 walking around with a dog.
Then it hit you. If you got a pet, you would never be lonely! And your apartment place allowed pets! You went to bed so morning would come quicker so you could adopt your new friend.

{Time skip}
You woke up and decided to eat some breakfast, after that you called the pound to make an appointment to see the dogs there.( Thats what we do where I live) They said you could come meet some of the dogs.
You dressed in a (fc) hoodie and put on some pants and went to the pound.

{Time skip}
You arrived at the pound and went in,
"Do you have an appointment?" the lady at the front desk asked, "Yes, it should be under (yn)" you replied,"Follow me please!" she said. She brought you to the dog section " Oh, also if you need anything please dont hesitate to ask me! My name is Mary!" Mary said. You nodded and she went into the front.
You looked around at some of the dogs. Some little, some big, some skinny, some fat, some brown so-..... you looked at one of the dogs that caught your eye it was.........

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