Chapter 1

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Payten: This is the oneshot we made a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time ago, so keep in mind it's not as good as how we write now!

Len walked down the hall, confident he was gonna ask Miku Hatsune out before his rival, Rinto. The two were cousins and they hated each other's guts. While their twin sisters, Rin (Len's twin) and Lenka (Rinto's twin) got along perfectly. They act more like sisters than cousins. Len turned the corner and saw Miku. He walked up to her and smiled.

"Oh, hi Len-kun! How are you?" Miku Hatsune smiled.

"Hey Miku-chan! I just wanted to know if, um, I don't know." Len started to blush. Just then, Rinto came and put his arm around Miku.

"Hey Miku!" Rinto smirked.

"Oh, hello Rinto." Miku smiled and looked at the time, "Well, I better get going. How about you tell me later Len?"

"O-okay. That's fine." Len giggled. Miku waved to the two blondes who waved back. When she turned around, they bumped heads.

"What the hell, Len!" Rinto spat the last word.

"Well, I was about to ask Miku out before you interrupted, Rinto!" Len hissed the last word. Rinto stood up.

"Look Len, just stop. I'm more dominate, that's what girls like." Rinto laughed as the other gave him a glare. Anyone would laugh, it was more cute than scary.

"Well Rinto, sorry to burst your precious bubble, but not all girls like that. Plus, who says you're more dominate?!" Len yelled.

"Well, two things. You're a shota. And, I'm older."

"I am NOT a shota!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"



"Whatever, I'm go." Rinto started to walk away.

"You're just jealous I'm more dominate." Len mumbled, smirking. He started to walk away. A hand grabbed his as arm and he turned around. It was Rinto. Said boy started to drag Len somewhere.

"Ow! Rinto! Stop!" Len whined. Rinto only tightened his grip, making Len whine more. Rinto threw the boy in the boy's bathroom and he walked in, locking the door behind him. "What the hell Rinto?!" Len yelled.

"I'm gonna prove who's more dominate!" Rinto hissed, grabbing his cousin and shoving him on the wall. Len yelped and Rinto latched his lips on the smaller's neck.

"Aahhh. R-rinto, st-stop." Len moaned. Rinto ripped off Len's shirt and licked his right nipple while squeezing his left.

"Aahhh~ R-rinto~!" Len moaned, making the older smirk. Rinto kissed Len's ear, making him shiver, and trailed kisses down to his collarbone. Len shivered as Rinto bit down on the spot, causing small drops of blood to form. Rinto licked the blood off and sucked on the now forming bruise. Len moaned loud as his cousin continued to form his mark for people to see. Rinto then went back to Len's nipple and started to suck.

"Aaa~!" Len arched his back. Rinto chuckled and kneeled down and started to unzip the smaller's shorts. "RINTO, STOP!" Len screamed.

"Admit that I'm more dominate!" Rinto smirked.

"Never." Len hissed.

"Fine." Rinto shrugged. He had no trouble taking off Len's shorts and underwear. Len tried to cover himself, blushing madly. Rinto grabbed his wrists with one hand and used the other to hold down the boy's hips. Rinto smirked. The boy wasn't that big. He had no trouble taking in all of Len's member, making the smaller scream in pleasure. Len moaned loudly as Rinto sucked haired and flicked his tongue around.

"Aaahhhh~ AAAhhhh~ R-rinto~!" Len moaned, "I'm cu-cumming!" Rinto pulled away and Len whined in discomfort. Rinto stood up and let go of Len's hands.

"Take off my clothes." Rinto whispered seductively.

"What?" Len gasped.

"You heard me. Take. Off. My. Clothes." Rinto repeated. Len shook his head 'no,' making Rinto growl. Rinto grabbed Len's chin forcefully and made Len look into his eyes.

"I'm not gonna say it again. Take. Off. My. Clothes." Len noticed something in Rinto's eyes. Want. Need. Lust. Len shuddered and his shaking hands pulled off Rinto's shirt. They unzipped Rinto's shorts and pulled down the clothing along with his underwear. Rinto smirked, shoving two fingers in Len's mouth.

"Suck." Rinto ordered. Len began sucking on his fingers, flicking his tongue here and there. Rinto pulled the digits out and rammed two fingers in Len's right hole.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH-" Len was cut off by Rinto covering his mouth.

"Shush, people will here us!" Rinto hissed, scissoring Len out. After Len had relaxed, Rinto added a third finger. Len moaned a bit. He let Rinto finger him and he didn't understand why. Why was he letting his cousin he hated doing this to him? Rinto took out Len's ponytail and did something Len didn't notice. He was too lost in thought to even comprehend what was happening. He snapped out of it when Rinto sat down, making Len almost sit on him, Rinto's top poking at his entrance.

"All you have to say is that I'm more dominate and I'll stop." Rinto smirked.

"Fine." Rinto frowned, he stretched him out for nothing? "I'm more dominate." Len smirked. Rinto smirked right back.

"Fine, bad boy I will have to punish you!" Rinto forced Len down on his member while Len screamed in pleasure. Len began to bounce up and down, making the both of them moan.

"Man Len, ah, didn't know y-, nngh, you were, aahhh, so tight~." Rinto managed to say between moans.

"Ah, th-this, nngh, this is m-, aahhh, my first time." Len moaned. Len screamed as he hit something inside him. Rinto smirked and grabbed Len's hips. He brought the boy up, then down, thrusting in time with the movement, hitting Len's prostate dead on. Len couldn't help but see white stars and scream in pleasure. I-i don't think I-I've screamed th-this loud in m-my life! Len thought, screaming more. The warm sensation came and he felt himself about to release, until the sensation was stopped. It build up, making Len really uncomfortable and he looked down. He saw Rinto used his hair tie to wrap tightly around his member, making him unable to cum.

"Aahhh, Ri-rinto!" Len moaned, "Le-let me c-cum!"

"No, not yet." Rinto smirked as he continued thrusting into Len. Len screamed in pleasure as Rinto came on his sweet spot.

"C-can I-i cu-cum now?" Len questioned, panting.

"Nope." Rinto smirked.

"Bu-but it's u-uncomfortable." Len shivered.

"Admit I'm more dominate." Rinto whispered seductively.

"Y-you're m-more dominate." Len shuddered. Rinto removed the hair tie and sucked on Len's dick. Almost immediately, the boy came. Rinto swallowed.

"T-that was fun." Rinto smiled.

"Ye-yeah. It was." Len kissed Rinto who kissed back eagerly, "I love you Rinto."

"Love you too, my shota rival."

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